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If Template:! is actually transcluded on a page, VisualEditor still displays it as a pipe.
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{{!}} appears as a pipe in both the source and visual editors. {{!|foo}} displays as a pipe in VisualEditor but when the page is saved (or previewed from the source editor) it transcludes the actual content of Template:!, which is a soft redirect notice. This is misleading; VisualEditor also allows parameters to be set on {{!}} as though it were a normal template, and the user is unlikely to be aware of the problem until they have saved the page.

{{!}} should be treated specially by VisualEditor; the user should probably be told in some way that it isn't a template, and they definitely shouldn't be allowed to set parameters on it. If there are parameters set on it when the editor is opened, then VisualEditor should not misleadingly display a pipe.

NB: this is all observed while editing the English Wikipedia, although I presume this doesn't make much difference.

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Deskana subscribed.

{{!}} is now a magic word. According to the documentation of this magic word, it does not support any parameters. This means that {{!|foo}} is not a valid use of the magic word, so the behaviour of this wikitext is not really defined. Fixing a preview issue for poorly defined wikitext is not of immediate priority.