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Create Scandinavian Planet Wikimedia
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Hi! Please create a Scandinavian Planet Wikimedia at, with redirects from the language codes 'da', 'fo', 'is', 'nb', 'nn', 'no', 'sv' and perhaps the non-standard code 'skan' (up to you). The code 'gmq' is the ISO 639-5 code for North Germanic languages.

I have already uploaded all the necessary files to SVN, so I believe the only thing to do is the create the domain & redirects and update the cronjob (but I don’t know how it works, so there may be other stuff too).

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Adding this to Rob's queue... :)

Rob, see setup steps on wikitech:

The config should be all ready to go in SVN already, so it should just need adding to the updater script and DNS.

bugs wrote:

Thanks Rob. Jon (or someone else with svn access), the Icelandic link is not clickable for me on . It should link to . Can someone fix this? :-)

r44645 should clear that up. Should update within the hour.