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Special:NewFiles should use unambiguous browsing links
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Author: claus.colloseus

The links to gallery pages of additional files are marked as "next" (for older files) and "previous" (for newer files). This makes them highly ambiguous. Like on Special:NewPages "older" and "newer" should be used.

The english version isn't the only one affected. On de, it is even worse: Spezial:NeueSeiten has older = "vorherige" and newer = "nächste", whereas Spezial:Neue Dateien uses older = "nächste" and newer = "vorherige", thus being in direct contradiction.

Similar issues seem to be present in more lnaguages (all given in the order newer / older):
fr: Spécial:Nouvelles pages has plus récentes / plus anciennes, Spécial:Nouvelles images has précédentes / suivantes
es: Especial:PáginasNuevas has siguientes / anteriores,
Especial:NuevasImágenes has previas / siguientes
nl: Speciaal:NieuwePaginas has nieuwere / oudere,
Speciaal:NieuweBestanden has vorige / volgende
pl: Specjalna:Nowe strony has nowszych / starszych, Specjalna:Nowe pliki has poprzednie / następne

I am filing this as a software issue because I strongly suspect that all gallery pages use the same words, without regard to the attribute they are ordered with.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Fixed in r44819 to use the "newer"/"older" messages.