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Can't transclude only one section from different language domain
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I'm working on a Wikisource text which needs transclusion from a different language domain of a single section, throughout the whole range of pages.
While this is possible with the <pages/> tag (by using "onlysection"), it isn't with the current {{iwpages}}, which uses InterWikiTransclusion.js.

The API already supports this, it just needs a change in the aforementioned javascript.

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I have a (tentative?) patch for this, I'm attaching it here, since I haven't been able to produce a differential :(

Hi @Dapal, welcome and thanks for looking at the code! is not part of any source code repository (no Git, no review tools like Diffusion or Gerrit).
It is on-wiki content and needs to be changed by editing the wiki page. If you do not have sufficient rights I imagine that commenting on might be the best way to go.

I'm tempted to close this task as invalid as we do not manage on-wiki content (like local JavaScript gadgets) in Phabricator. :)

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