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Tracking for page creation/improvement from CollaborationHub/List links for metrics and evaluation
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<Skizzerz> <Isarra> How the hell do you track is people went and made edits based on stuff provided by an extension?!
<Skizzerz> js to override link targets / set cookies based on clicked links
<Isarra> Ew?
<Skizzerz> and yes, very eww
<Skizzerz> on CollabKit pages, have clicking a link set a cookie to that page which expires at the end of the browser session
<Skizzerz> if a page is edited and the cookie matching that page is submitted, store a likely hit in your stats tracking
<Skizzerz> also need to accomodate people who love to open 200 tabs by clicking every link
<Skizzerz> could do it based on page id perhaps, but then you don't get stats on redlinks
<Skizzerz> but I think viewed CK page -> clicked link to something else from CK page -> later edited that page (even if browsing elsewhere first) is a pretty solid indication that the CK page drove the edit
<Skizzerz> perhaps the browsing elsewhere was research for the edit, so you can't discount that
<Skizzerz> and storing those pages in a cookie reduces server load since you probably aren't interested in tracking every click from a CK link