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**Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #9**
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Information regarding upcoming meeting

NOTE: For last meeting and minutes, see here:

When: 10th August, 2018
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm UTC
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper, @samuelguebo, @Flixtey, @D3r1ck01

Meeting Agenda

  • Review of statistics for last month.
  • Discussion awmd-stats/issues/28 Expand awmd-stats tool for use by other event organizers.
  • Planning GCI (Google Code-In) 2018 Mentors from Africa.
  • Sharing of resources to volunteer developers who need help getting involved (to be discussed by core Team members on Sunday)
  • Difficulties faced by newbies/members interested in getting involved (but to be further discussed by core Team members on Sunday)
  • Remarks and closing.

Meeting Logs

12018-08-10 16:01:27 <d3r1ck> Hello everyone! Meeting agenda can be found here: Welcome and we can begin!
22018-08-10 16:01:40 ** r054l13 joined channel
32018-08-10 16:01:48 <d3r1ck> Hello everyone! Meeting agenda can be found here: Welcome and we can begin!
42018-08-10 16:01:50 <r054l13> HEllo here
52018-08-10 16:01:55 <d3r1ck> Hey!
62018-08-10 16:02:07 <africanhope> meeting #8 or #9?
72018-08-10 16:02:25 <africanhope> the last log I could find dates back to #7
82018-08-10 16:02:40 <d3r1ck> It's #9
92018-08-10 16:02:44 <africanhope> (Hi :r054l13 by the way)
102018-08-10 16:02:51 <africanhope> r054l13: roger that
112018-08-10 16:04:05 <d3r1ck> so we give a few mins for other Africans to join (say 6 mins)
122018-08-10 16:04:21 <d3r1ck> Hence we begin at 5:10pm
132018-08-10 16:04:26 <d3r1ck> UTC+01
142018-08-10 16:04:33 <r054l13> africanhope:
152018-08-10 16:05:33 <africanhope> k, I got tricked by the empty etherpad
162018-08-10 16:05:56 <r054l13> :)
172018-08-10 16:06:01 <africanhope> btw I just updated the current etherpad :
182018-08-10 16:06:12 <d3r1ck> africanhope: And about that, I think taking minutes slows us down and makes people easily get lost in the meetings trying to take down notes
192018-08-10 16:06:25 <d3r1ck> I guess people should read the logs
202018-08-10 16:06:52 <d3r1ck> The logs is an extract of the meeting (specifically) so people focus on the meeting
212018-08-10 16:07:09 <d3r1ck> If anyone is interested in reading what happened in the meeting, the person should read the logs
222018-08-10 16:07:39 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: **Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #9** - (D3r1ck01)
232018-08-10 16:07:41 <africanhope> d3r1ck: the logs are a great way to keep track of all things, but as for what needs to be taken away minutes are crucial. Otherwise its harder to remember what was decided and ensuring followup
242018-08-10 16:08:06 <d3r1ck> africanhope: The decisions can be found in the logs right?
252018-08-10 16:08:25 <africanhope> sure after digging
262018-08-10 16:08:41 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Who reads the meetings after we take them?
272018-08-10 16:08:50 <r054l13> lol
282018-08-10 16:09:30 <d3r1ck> More over, etherpad can wipe out content after sometime
292018-08-10 16:09:32 <r054l13> d3r1ck: If we are all in the meeting it will be easier as work will be devided
302018-08-10 16:09:41 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #10 - (D3r1ck01)
312018-08-10 16:09:45 <r054l13> d3r1ck: hum!
322018-08-10 16:10:20 <d3r1ck> Taking a look at something like the Technical Advice IRC meetings, who takes down logs?
332018-08-10 16:10:35 <d3r1ck> And first of all, it's a great deal of time and slows meetings down.
342018-08-10 16:10:56 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #11 - (D3r1ck01)
352018-08-10 16:11:16 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #12 - (D3r1ck01)
362018-08-10 16:11:29 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Here is what is useful:
372018-08-10 16:12:02 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #13 - (D3r1ck01)
382018-08-10 16:12:36 <d3r1ck> So no one has added, let's begin!
392018-08-10 16:12:49 <d3r1ck> **Point #1**: Review of statistics for last month.
402018-08-10 16:12:55 <africanhope> d3r1ck: sure, let's begin
412018-08-10 16:13:44 <d3r1ck> According the Samuel's tool, we have this;
422018-08-10 16:14:01 <d3r1ck> Well, there is a little bug but that's the idea
432018-08-10 16:14:08 <d3r1ck> Any discussions around that?
442018-08-10 16:14:45 <africanhope> d3r1ck: thanks for pointing that out
452018-08-10 16:14:51 <d3r1ck> Np
462018-08-10 16:15:04 <africanhope> I hadn't noted it earlier until you mentioned it
472018-08-10 16:16:14 <africanhope> anyone willing to give a helping hand on it? I can but I won't be able to work on it until next week
482018-08-10 16:16:59 <r054l13> The bug is really ugly :P
492018-08-10 16:17:14 <d3r1ck> That could be a good starter task for a AWMD volunteer to work on
502018-08-10 16:17:20 <d3r1ck> I can offer some guide on how to fix
512018-08-10 16:17:28 <d3r1ck> It's a simple fix r054l13 :)
522018-08-10 16:17:31 <r054l13> A ticket then might help for refence
532018-08-10 16:18:11 <r054l13> d3r1ck: If no one does it I will but that is after tuesday am good
542018-08-10 16:18:14 <d3r1ck> r054l13: It's on our radar, see here:
552018-08-10 16:18:21 <d3r1ck> np
562018-08-10 16:18:24 <r054l13> d3r1ck: ok sorry
572018-08-10 16:19:31 <africanhope> d3r1ck: Tuesday, then you'll be late then cause I will handle it on Monday :P
582018-08-10 16:19:48 <r054l13> africanhope: Hihi!
592018-08-10 16:19:49 <d3r1ck> africanhope: :D
602018-08-10 16:20:00 <r054l13> africanhope: cool
612018-08-10 16:20:06 <d3r1ck> r054l13, africanhope, I may trash it after the meeting
622018-08-10 16:20:09 <d3r1ck> Well, just kidding
632018-08-10 16:20:13 <r054l13> guys Hum!
642018-08-10 16:20:27 <africanhope> ahah d3r1ck: ye be warned!
652018-08-10 16:21:07 <d3r1ck> So anything around the first point of the Agenda?
662018-08-10 16:21:11 <d3r1ck> Are we done with it?
672018-08-10 16:21:13 <africanhope> well, moderator, I think we can call it done
682018-08-10 16:21:23 <d3r1ck> **Point #2**: Discussion awmd-stats/issues/28 Expand awmd-stats tool for use by other event organizers.
692018-08-10 16:21:40 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Thanks for referencing that issue on GH from Srishti
702018-08-10 16:22:26 <africanhope> d3r1ck: anytime
712018-08-10 16:22:48 <africanhope> I wanted to answer but thought this deserved a greater visibility to have ideas from you guys
722018-08-10 16:22:48 <r054l13> ok so..
732018-08-10 16:23:01 <d3r1ck> Hmmm....
742018-08-10 16:23:04 <d3r1ck> The next reads
752018-08-10 16:23:08 <d3r1ck> I met event organizers of the Women Tech storm hackathon who are exploring ways to retain/track candidates from their events. After having a chat with them and being reminded of your tool again at Wikimania, I was wondering if we could expand this tool so that other event organizers in the movement could use it in a similar way like with the AWMD initiative.
762018-08-10 16:23:09 <d3r1ck> Not quite sure if this is a good idea, thoughts welcome! :)
772018-08-10 16:23:11 <d3r1ck> But, if it is, then maybe we could consider creating a Phabricator ticket, see what others think about this idea and probably this task could become a good candidate for Wikimedia outreach programs?
782018-08-10 16:23:56 <r054l13> wow that's shristi right?
792018-08-10 16:24:01 <d3r1ck> Yup
802018-08-10 16:24:11 <africanhope> d3r1ck: thanks for pasting it
812018-08-10 16:24:18 <d3r1ck> np
822018-08-10 16:24:20 <africanhope> So might guess is the following
832018-08-10 16:25:06 <r054l13> go ahead dr
842018-08-10 16:25:43 <africanhope> It would be great to expand that tool, move it to gerrit or whatever since that was the original plan (right d3r1ck ?). However if the tool should be use for tracking purpose it has to be designed differently from what is already existing eg: Outreach dashboard
852018-08-10 16:25:51 <africanhope> otherwise it will be kind of redundant
862018-08-10 16:26:11 <d3r1ck> Yup
872018-08-10 16:26:26 <d3r1ck> So if this is going to be an outreach project, we can start working on that
882018-08-10 16:26:28 <africanhope> I personally use the Dashboard for tracking, though I admit I have been thinking of a lighter version but just never thought any way to have a simpler version
892018-08-10 16:26:59 <africanhope> yes, this can maybe be an occasion to start that
902018-08-10 16:27:22 <africanhope> your guess folks?
912018-08-10 16:27:32 <r054l13> yup
922018-08-10 16:27:38 <r054l13> I agree africanhope
932018-08-10 16:28:13 <r054l13> This is a waaw oportunity for our guys to get some skills
942018-08-10 16:28:44 <r054l13> again the project is not directly related to mediawiki
952018-08-10 16:29:07 <d3r1ck> r054l13: But it will make use of the Gerrit API
962018-08-10 16:29:29 <d3r1ck> Here is a fine docs for that:
972018-08-10 16:30:31 <africanhope> so our final answer?
982018-08-10 16:31:23 <r054l13> We can suggeste that as a project for next outreach
992018-08-10 16:31:28 <d3r1ck> So I think we get back to Srishti with our discussions and then craft out a project idea or allow her to craft out a project idea about this
1002018-08-10 16:31:45 <d3r1ck> Then we can propose it as an outreach project in the next rounds etc
1012018-08-10 16:31:54 <r054l13> +1
1022018-08-10 16:32:10 <africanhope> Sounds good, it's settled then
1032018-08-10 16:33:53 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: **Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #9** - (D3r1ck01)
1042018-08-10 16:33:58 <d3r1ck> Nice
1052018-08-10 16:34:06 <d3r1ck> **Point #3**: Planning GCI (Google Code-In) 2018 Mentors from Africa.
1062018-08-10 16:34:13 <r054l13> cool
1072018-08-10 16:34:43 <r054l13> So ..
1082018-08-10 16:34:59 <d3r1ck> So the idea is that last year, we got very little mentors mentoring tasks for GCI from Africa
1092018-08-10 16:35:18 <d3r1ck> I would suggest that those interested in doing GSoC next near (2019) signup themselves as mentors for GCI 2018
1102018-08-10 16:35:27 <d3r1ck> And make sure to mentor at least 25 tasks for GCI
1112018-08-10 16:36:15 <r054l13> 25?
1122018-08-10 16:36:25 <d3r1ck> This will help them understand the entire work flow and learn from the process as they are aspiring GSoCers
1132018-08-10 16:36:29 <d3r1ck> r054l13: Yes 25
1142018-08-10 16:36:35 <d3r1ck> Is it a large number?
1152018-08-10 16:37:21 <r054l13> Yes it seems large to me for a beginner this American and Indian Kids are Strong :P
1162018-08-10 16:37:40 <r054l13> I suggest 15 or 10?
1172018-08-10 16:38:15 <africanhope> Will those mentors come from AWMD?
1182018-08-10 16:38:52 <r054l13> yes
1192018-08-10 16:38:53 <r054l13> we are talking of the mentors from AWMD
1202018-08-10 16:38:53 <d3r1ck> r054l13: 15 is too small
1212018-08-10 16:38:53 <d3r1ck> africanhope: From Africa
1222018-08-10 16:38:58 <d3r1ck> I personally mentored 432 task instances for last GCI
1232018-08-10 16:39:13 <d3r1ck> r054l13: So I don't think someone mentoring 25 task instances is a big deal
1242018-08-10 16:39:35 <d3r1ck> africanhope: They will be AWMD volunteers or do you have a different idea?
1252018-08-10 16:39:55 <d3r1ck> I remember we're working on having more GSoCers from the AWMD problem so?
1262018-08-10 16:40:06 <r054l13> d3r1ck: hmm! 432 from you I can understand, we are talking of people that may not even know how to use git
1272018-08-10 16:40:10 <africanhope> I have never mentored any task so I have no idea what it implies in terms of workload
1282018-08-10 16:40:38 <r054l13> africanhope: GCI tasks are simple bugs fixes
1292018-08-10 16:40:39 <d3r1ck> africanhope: It's high time you give it a try :)
1302018-08-10 16:40:41 <africanhope> r054l13: you did great, for sure our next mentors should find a way to learn from you
1312018-08-10 16:40:53 <d3r1ck> r054l13: Then here is a forum for them to work their skills and get on-board
1322018-08-10 16:41:50 <r054l13> africanhope: I did great in what please I don't get it sorry
1332018-08-10 16:42:12 <d3r1ck> Here is the plan, let's target all the country leads in each country!
1342018-08-10 16:42:18 <africanhope> r054l13: mentoring +400 tasks
1352018-08-10 16:42:20 <d3r1ck> We've got 2 per country making a 6 in total
1362018-08-10 16:42:43 <r054l13> africanhope: Please that's d3r1ck not me
1372018-08-10 16:42:50 <r054l13> :D
1382018-08-10 16:42:55 <d3r1ck> So if we get > 6+ mentors this year from Africa, that will be good
1392018-08-10 16:43:00 <d3r1ck> And they should actually mentor tasks
1402018-08-10 16:43:23 <africanhope> seems like decent figures
1412018-08-10 16:43:32 <d3r1ck> So the guess is 6 country leads + me + r054l13 + Eugene (maybe) + etc
1422018-08-10 16:43:58 <africanhope> k
1432018-08-10 16:43:58 <d3r1ck> So id we try hard, we can have about 10 GCI mentors from Africa this year + aspiring GSoCers in 2019
1442018-08-10 16:44:09 <d3r1ck> *if
1452018-08-10 16:44:34 <r054l13> great
1462018-08-10 16:44:57 <d3r1ck> If they want to prepare for GSoC, then there is no way out than doing the work and understanding the process
1472018-08-10 16:45:00 <africanhope> there is some personal coaching involved if we want to make sure the mentor have what it takes to actually mentor
1482018-08-10 16:45:19 <r054l13> africanhope: Sure
1492018-08-10 16:45:24 <d3r1ck> And that's why we have IRC
1502018-08-10 16:45:33 <d3r1ck> I'm always around to do that
1512018-08-10 16:45:34 <r054l13> the first step is having them present for some coaching
1522018-08-10 16:46:06 <africanhope> most of the coaching I received from you was not only on IRC, was it? :)
1532018-08-10 16:46:24 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Remind me
1542018-08-10 16:46:48 <r054l13> africanhope: what's wrong with IRC?
1552018-08-10 16:46:52 <d3r1ck> But one thing I know for sure is that you were poking all the time
1562018-08-10 16:47:02 <d3r1ck> IRC is the place for developers. If you need help, come there
1572018-08-10 16:47:08 <r054l13> If people don't like it then let kill this idea
1582018-08-10 16:47:19 <africanhope> d3r1ck: r054l13 nothing wrong with IRC which by the way stands out as a standard
1592018-08-10 16:47:22 <d3r1ck> Imagine trying to ask for help or coaching without poking on #wikimedia-dev
1602018-08-10 16:47:29 <africanhope> d3r1ck: there was also lot of Hangout/skype talk we did back then
1612018-08-10 16:47:43 <d3r1ck> africanhope: IRC is the root node
1622018-08-10 16:47:48 <d3r1ck> The rest can always follow
1632018-08-10 16:48:09 <d3r1ck> If someone pokes me on IRC and wants a Skype call, I'll make myself avaiable
1642018-08-10 16:48:12 <d3r1ck> *available
1652018-08-10 16:48:34 <d3r1ck> I don't always run the Skype app on my machine but I've got IRC connection always open
1662018-08-10 16:48:53 <r054l13> lol
1672018-08-10 16:49:03 <d3r1ck> In that light, should we say we'll be looking forward to 10 GCI mentors from Africa this year?
1682018-08-10 16:49:23 <r054l13> Yup! if all goes well
1692018-08-10 16:49:44 ** CFisch_remote changed nickname to CFisch_NA
1702018-08-10 16:50:26 <r054l13> africanhope: ??
1712018-08-10 16:51:16 <africanhope> yep these are good figures
1722018-08-10 16:52:04 <r054l13> d3r1ck: Can u carry on please? You seems to do that so well today :P
1732018-08-10 16:52:17 <d3r1ck> Hm.
1742018-08-10 16:52:34 <d3r1ck> **Point #4**: Sharing of resources to volunteer developers who need help getting involved.
1752018-08-10 16:52:38 <d3r1ck> That is the next point
1762018-08-10 16:52:53 <d3r1ck> And I wonder if people read this:
1772018-08-10 16:52:55 <r054l13> Well no one is there
1782018-08-10 16:53:03 <r054l13> think we can skip that
1792018-08-10 16:53:23 <r054l13> This seems to me more like a core meeting. lol!
1802018-08-10 16:54:42 <r054l13> africanhope: d3r1ck: ??
1812018-08-10 16:54:54 <r054l13> can we move on?
1822018-08-10 16:55:41 <africanhope> d3r1ck: you've been nominated moderator today, so we can move on
1832018-08-10 16:56:12 <d3r1ck> africanhope: What is your thought about the info sharing?
1842018-08-10 16:56:15 <d3r1ck> Do you have resources to share?
1852018-08-10 16:56:58 <d3r1ck> africanhope: No one nominated me, we're all hosts
1862018-08-10 16:57:15 <africanhope> I have started to share some of my thoughts in the e-mail thread
1872018-08-10 16:57:28 <africanhope> I will have the chance to tell more about it in our Sunday call
1882018-08-10 16:57:33 <africanhope> However in a nutshell..
1892018-08-10 16:58:36 <r054l13> same here!
1902018-08-10 16:58:39 <d3r1ck> Okay!
1912018-08-10 16:58:42 <africanhope> Aside the existing learning path which is used for our 2-days training, there is a need for something learners can follow after the training to improve their skills progressively
1922018-08-10 16:58:58 <d3r1ck> **Point #5**: Difficulties faced by newbies/members interested in getting involved.
1932018-08-10 16:58:58 <africanhope> as I mentioned I'll share more about it on Sunday
1942018-08-10 16:59:06 <r054l13> africanhope: Ok fine
1952018-08-10 16:59:09 <d3r1ck> africanhope: No
1962018-08-10 16:59:14 <d3r1ck> That is not a 2 day training path
1972018-08-10 16:59:21 <d3r1ck> That is a life-time learning path
1982018-08-10 16:59:37 <r054l13> ??
1992018-08-10 16:59:50 <africanhope> I said 'which is used for our 2-days training' cause we happen to do 2-days training
2002018-08-10 17:00:04 <d3r1ck> If you read that page very well, you'll realize that it can be used for 10 years learning
2012018-08-10 17:00:27 <d3r1ck> What is used for the 2 days training is this:
2022018-08-10 17:00:55 <r054l13> ok we talk about that on Sunday please
2032018-08-10 17:01:12 <africanhope> my mad I was refering to the wrong link then.
2042018-08-10 17:01:33 <r054l13> next point please
2052018-08-10 17:01:46 <r054l13> **Point #5**: Difficulties faced by newbies/members interested
2062018-08-10 17:01:48 <r054l13> in getting involved.
2072018-08-10 17:02:30 <africanhope> yeah I have some thoughts too regarding this one but I'll share them on Sunday
2082018-08-10 17:02:36 <r054l13> personally I don't think there is any difficulty for someone interested in getting involved
2092018-08-10 17:03:01 <r054l13> those we got so far don't show much interest
2102018-08-10 17:03:05 <d3r1ck> Well, there's internet issues etc but I clearly see that they don't even try
2112018-08-10 17:03:25 <africanhope> I would not say they don't even try
2122018-08-10 17:03:29 <d3r1ck> So if we say we'll talk about this on Sunday, then moving to the next point
2132018-08-10 17:03:36 <africanhope> at least from what I have seen with folks in my country
2142018-08-10 17:03:38 <d3r1ck> africanhope: What would you say?
2152018-08-10 17:03:49 <d3r1ck> africanhope: You're in the meeting now right?
2162018-08-10 17:04:12 <d3r1ck> Can you share with us what is happening with your folks that are not around?
2172018-08-10 17:04:30 <r054l13> africanhope: d3r1ck: I will prefere we elaborate on this via text for reference a call may not be the best
2182018-08-10 17:04:40 <africanhope> that they skill need to be improved progressively until they grasp what is needed to solve average real life bugs
2192018-08-10 17:04:42 <r054l13> I meen now
2202018-08-10 17:04:46 <r054l13> mean*
2212018-08-10 17:05:16 <r054l13> africanhope: Sure! but you can't increase those skills by doing nothing
2222018-08-10 17:05:35 <r054l13> they will always stay constant with no activity
2232018-08-10 17:06:01 <r054l13> the say practise makes perfect
2242018-08-10 17:06:19 <r054l13> that's why I emphasys on interested enough people
2252018-08-10 17:06:25 <d3r1ck> I see only internet as the issue. The only thing that can stop one from connecting on IRC for a meeting of 1 hour 30mins is internet
2262018-08-10 17:06:28 <d3r1ck> the rest is laziness
2272018-08-10 17:06:46 <d3r1ck> If we solve the internet issue which I don't think it's a big issue, then we're fine.
2282018-08-10 17:06:50 <r054l13> what about work?
2292018-08-10 17:06:55 <d3r1ck> r054l13: Which work?
2302018-08-10 17:06:58 <r054l13> lol
2312018-08-10 17:07:12 <africanhope> r054l13: to me issues are several folded, and choosing the 'laziness' option is too easy, at least basing on what I can relate too
2322018-08-10 17:07:36 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Why are you attending the meeting?
2332018-08-10 17:07:53 <africanhope> d3r1ck: I am not sure I am following you
2342018-08-10 17:08:03 <r054l13> africanhope: I totaly agree! I did not mention laziness d3r1ck did :P
2352018-08-10 17:08:04 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Okay, the idea is this
2362018-08-10 17:08:16 <d3r1ck> Reminders has been doing out regularly even minutes before the meeting
2372018-08-10 17:08:32 <d3r1ck> And yet no one shows up, do you want to tell me that it's normal? Or should we take it lightly?
2382018-08-10 17:08:37 <d3r1ck> *going
2392018-08-10 17:09:04 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Why are you attending the meeting?
2402018-08-10 17:09:23 <r054l13> d3r1ck: I think we all attend because it is important
2412018-08-10 17:09:25 <d3r1ck> I believe if someone sees the meeting useful, he or she will try to make time and join
2422018-08-10 17:09:32 <d3r1ck> r054l13: Good!
2432018-08-10 17:09:45 <d3r1ck> So if it's not important, then we don't attend, well
2442018-08-10 17:10:04 <r054l13> falling back to having people interested
2452018-08-10 17:10:14 <r054l13> not just getting population
2462018-08-10 17:10:20 <d3r1ck> Sometimes I'm in #wikimedia-tech for Technical Advice IRC meetings but I don't speak because I have nothing to say
2472018-08-10 17:10:30 <d3r1ck> But it's important I read the conversations, it helps me a lot
2482018-08-10 17:10:41 <d3r1ck> And when I have questions, I attend and ask all of them and I usually get replies
2492018-08-10 17:11:04 <d3r1ck> 18:09:03 @d3r1ck | africanhope: Why are you attending the meeting?
2502018-08-10 17:11:11 <r054l13> Hm!
2512018-08-10 17:11:46 <d3r1ck> Well, are we done with this point?
2522018-08-10 17:11:49 <r054l13> Well I may not say they are lazy but not motivated enough might be the case
2532018-08-10 17:12:07 <r054l13> thats my point
2542018-08-10 17:12:14 <d3r1ck> r054l13: That's a sweeter way of saying people are lazy
2552018-08-10 17:12:43 <r054l13> d3r1ck: CALM dowm! easy man
2562018-08-10 17:12:54 <r054l13> :D
2572018-08-10 17:13:06 <d3r1ck> If they are not motivated, when will they be? Should we fold our arms and just allow things be?
2582018-08-10 17:13:27 <r054l13> we can find ways to motivate them
2592018-08-10 17:13:41 <d3r1ck> We'll try but God is not involved in this, it's mere hard work!
2602018-08-10 17:13:42 <africanhope> This is a simplistic view, I am in favor of a holistic approach, maybe others are not motivated because they were motivated but lost interest gradually.
2612018-08-10 17:14:00 <africanhope> If we look at it this way then we can't make that interest come back to life
2622018-08-10 17:14:13 <r054l13> ok
2632018-08-10 17:14:14 <africanhope> On the contrary, if they are lazy, there is no way out
2642018-08-10 17:14:21 <r054l13> lol
2652018-08-10 17:14:28 <d3r1ck> africanhope: Good, that answers everything and let's move on
2662018-08-10 17:14:35 <d3r1ck> We've got just 15 more mins
2672018-08-10 17:14:58 <d3r1ck> **Point #6**: Remarks and closing.
2682018-08-10 17:15:07 <africanhope> we can make that interest come back to life*
2692018-08-10 17:15:32 <r054l13> yeah
2702018-08-10 17:15:48 <r054l13> we need to indeed
2712018-08-10 17:16:01 <wikibugs_> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers, Developer-Advocacy: **Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #9** - (D3r1ck01)
2722018-08-10 17:17:08 <d3r1ck> 18:14:58 @d3r1ck | **Point #6**: Remarks and closing.
2732018-08-10 17:18:57 <africanhope> No special remarks on my side
2742018-08-10 17:19:46 <d3r1ck> Okay, one remark I see is that instructions on the mailing list are not followed
2752018-08-10 17:19:50 <d3r1ck> Emails just go there for nothing
2762018-08-10 17:20:12 <d3r1ck> It was said that people should try to be online a few mins before and so that issues faced can be quickly fixed but nothing
2772018-08-10 17:20:43 <d3r1ck> Later, people poke after 4:00pm UTC on the mailing list saying they can't connect and how to connect on IRC
2782018-08-10 17:21:13 <d3r1ck> We ended up attending the meeting just 3 of us
2792018-08-10 17:21:16 <d3r1ck> That's my remark
2802018-08-10 17:23:20 <r054l13> I noticed more volunteers tried to join but like d3r1ck mentioned it was late and we ended just 3 of us :(
2812018-08-10 17:23:41 <r054l13> I hope next meeting will be full
2822018-08-10 17:23:51 <d3r1ck> There are a few things about joining IRC that I know
2832018-08-10 17:24:06 <d3r1ck> 1. Get a valid IRC nick by registering and identifying.
2842018-08-10 17:24:20 <d3r1ck> 2. Get a valid IRC client and install it
2852018-08-10 17:24:34 <d3r1ck> 3. Test it out by connecting several times to be sure you're up and running, in fact, configure it
2862018-08-10 17:24:42 <d3r1ck> 4. Connect anytime you are ready to join IRC.
2872018-08-10 17:24:50 <d3r1ck> I think I'm empty now
2882018-08-10 17:26:49 <africanhope> Once, sending a reminder to country leads helped me prepare quite early and bring 3 more folks my CIV
2892018-08-10 17:28:58 <r054l13> when was my first email when that happened please
2902018-08-10 17:29:20 <r054l13> I mean was it 3 day or 4 days before the meetng
2912018-08-10 17:29:52 <r054l13> so I know how early enought do I need to send email so I get all on board
2922018-08-10 17:31:02 <africanhope> yeah something like that, I will check later, but unless I am wrong I did not notice it early
2932018-08-10 17:31:45 <r054l13> I most at times send reminders 3 or 4 days before
2942018-08-10 17:31:46 <africanhope> It's been shared by my local co-lead in our local AMWD mailing list but only 2 days ago
2952018-08-10 17:32:02 <r054l13> I sent it this time 3 days ago
2962018-08-10 17:32:03 <d3r1ck> africanhope, r054l13, it boils down to something. People don't check mails
2972018-08-10 17:32:15 <r054l13> you concluding too much
2982018-08-10 17:32:19 <africanhope> d3r1ck: nope
2992018-08-10 17:32:29 <d3r1ck> And when reminders come in, they either don't see it on time or they see it and forget because it's not important
3002018-08-10 17:32:29 <africanhope> However it's not only up to you r054l13
3012018-08-10 17:32:34 <r054l13> d3r1ck: you concluding too much
3022018-08-10 17:32:47 <d3r1ck> r054l13: What conclusions are you talking about?
3032018-08-10 17:32:51 <d3r1ck> It's an assumption
3042018-08-10 17:32:56 <africanhope> Pardon my ignorance what is the frequency of our monthly? first friday of the month?
3052018-08-10 17:33:02 <d3r1ck> I can be proven wrong :)
3062018-08-10 17:33:13 <d3r1ck> africanhope: 2nd Friday of every month
3072018-08-10 17:33:33 <d3r1ck> That is enough info to keep one alert because if we want to make it every week, people will complain they don't have time
3082018-08-10 17:35:38 <africanhope> yeah, I'll note it
3092018-08-10 17:36:05 <d3r1ck> Thanks very much everyone for your time.
3102018-08-10 17:36:16 <d3r1ck> We've already been 6mins into non-meeting time
3112018-08-10 17:36:28 <d3r1ck> So I think we say it's closed? Thanks everyone for your time
3122018-08-10 17:36:49 <r054l13> how about the others trying to join
3132018-08-10 17:37:13 <africanhope> they should rehearse after this call
3142018-08-10 17:37:24 <africanhope> this way the'll be ready for next time
3152018-08-10 17:38:27 <d3r1ck> Okay, we're done?
3162018-08-10 17:38:32 <r054l13> ok!
3172018-08-10 17:38:44 <africanhope> {{Done}}
3182018-08-10 17:38:54 <africanhope> thanks r054l13 d3r1ck
3192018-08-10 17:39:01 <r054l13> thanks to all
3202018-08-10 17:39:06 <d3r1ck> Thanks so much africanhope, we're all grateful :)

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