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FormWizard does not work in Wikidata: namespace on Wikidata
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FormWizard was recently installed on Wikidata and whilst it does work in userspace it does not work in Wikidata: space, all that happens is a stalled progress bar comes up.

According to this .js file for the gadget, FormWizard is permitted to operate in the Wikidata: namespace

The config file for the non working form is at:

A practice config file in userspace which does work is at:

@I_JethroBT can provide more information


(assigning to Lydia as she kindly offered to take a look)

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A little more detail:

FormWizard fails to load properly on some namespaces on Wikidata, but not others. This javascript gadget file appears to permit the use of FormWizard on the User:, Wikidata:, and Help: namespaces, but this is not the case. As John says above, the gadget cannot be loaded on the Wikidata: namespace, but does work in the User: space.


  • Wikidata namespace: Use the "FormWizard data import (testing") button on this page, which is linked to this configuration file.
  • User namespace: It's worth noting that the gadget does work in the User: namespace (use the "Start a data import (FormWizard)" button on this page, which is linked to this config file.

Other files related to FormWizard's operation do not seem related to this issue to me, but I will list them here in case I am mistaken:

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I_JethroBT added a subscriber: Capt_Swing.

FormWizard is now operational in the Wikidata: namespace-- @Capt_Swing was able to solve the problem. See changes here to the javascript gadget file.

The problem was that across Wikimedia projects, the project namespace is always defined as "Project:" for gadget definition files. On Wikidata, the project namespace is titled "Wikidata:" (just as on Meta, it's "Meta:"), so each project namespace generally adopts a name that's the same as the Wikimedia project name. However, gadget definition files don't recognize these project-specific titles for namespaces, so "Project" is what is used to refer to this namespace, no matter what Wikimedia project the gadget is on.