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Link lexemes in different languages
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As a user I want to navigate from a lexeme page showing the lexeme in a given language to the homograph in another language.

For instance I am in fire@Italian and I want to go to fire@English.

There should be either a drop-down menu to select the available languages for a given lexeme or a list of links on the left side.

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I believe this is already possible with statements.

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I think doing this with statements would be silly. We just solved the situation where the nth Wiktionary page for the same spelling required (n-1) pages to be updated with new interwiki links. Linking all identically spelt forms with other identically spelt forms via statements would recreate it again with the data in Wikidata.

One thing to bear in mind with the suggestion here though is that there can be multiple lexemes for a single language (e.g. "fire" in English is a noun and a verb, "Band" in German is three different nouns).

Perhaps the suggestion I made at T195411 would be an acceptable solution, if we link to that page from lexemes?

If that works for what you want to do, absolutely.

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