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nosummary option should be reassigned on preview/captcha
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If you click on an new edit section link with a nosummary option the summary (which will be used as topic) is not displayed.
But if the edit page is reloaded by using the preview button or a not autoconfirmed user has to fill out the captcha the summary line is displayed again. I think the reloaded edit page should also hide the summary/topic line.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
URL: action=edit&section=new&nosummary=1



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dotcom wrote:

Implements the feature

The attachment is based on r48050 and implements the feature as described in the above comment.

attachment EditPage_r48050.diff ignored as obsolete

dotcom wrote:

My apologies. The attachment above is for a different bug. I do not know how I ended up on this page instead.

Created attachment 7303
put nosummary back, if set

The patch put the nosummary back as a hidden field, so the summary is always hidden, when use preview/show changes or captcha


sumanah wrote:

+need-review to signal that this patch needs review.