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Fill the "role" dropdown list of the Meta page with apropriate elements
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Following T193952, it would be great to completely embrace the probox features, which include a "join" button to let people interested to add themselves in the participants question. This is already operational, but currently the only role proposed is "Volunteer". We should have a list of role that reflect our need and vacant roles.

Event Timeline

The list of activity is given on Commons:

  • CORE Team
  • Finance and Grants Team
  • Contest page coordinator and social media Outreach
  • Tech support
  • Secretary and administration
  • Conflict Management
  • Affiliates
  • Volunteers

However we tried to come with more funny role terms. 💌

I looked at the Probox documentation but didn't saw anything related to the "join" button and the role list.

In last resort it will maybe need further investigation into the underlying module, but it would be better to find someone knowing well the template. I should probably look at the discussion page as a next step.

For some reason @Aklapper is on most task I create (I guess for triage reasons) but not on this one. Please let me know if I should or not add you manually in that kind of case.

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