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Do not take existing URL or identifier for granted
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OAbot should propose new links even on citations which already have an URL, or green OA identifiers (like PMC and arXiv). because the new URL/identifier can be an improvement. See an example of good edit made after removing the if already_oa_param restriction.

Factors we can consider with small effort:

  • for direct links to a PDF URL and certain identifiers, whether they're still functioning (CiteSeerX records and others can be taken down);
  • for functioning links, whether they're identical to the resolved DOI;
  • for identifiers, whether the existing identifier has higher priority than the proposed one (e.g., CiteSeerX identifier is less useful when there's already a PMC/arXiv identifier).

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CommunityTechBot raised the priority of this task from High to Needs Triage.Jul 5 2018, 6:57 PM

A first step could be to remove the publisher URLs (which already have a lower rank per T228829) when there's already doi-access=free, so that there's no change in linkage but users are then free to manually set the URL rather than keep what was forced into it by VisualEditor. There's no shortage of them.

Nemo_bis moved this task from Bugs to Functionality on the OABot board.

A first step could be to remove the publisher URLs [...]

This is a larger task than it might seem, see for instance over 10k redundant URLs at P14448. The main reason nowadays is that VisualEditor is very busy adding garbage to the url parameter (T232771), but we also have many years of maintenance debt caused by previous additions of non-permanent URLs which then break (case in point: 15k broken URLs).