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enable special:Import option in ta.wiktionary
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Please enable the Special:Import option for So it would be easy to import many templates and gadgets from other projects.

The options requested to be enabled are


The community discussion link is as below.

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@Jayprakash12345 Hi, even after a fortnight there was no objection raised for the community proposal in the given link above. So kindly requesting to enable the requested option for import.

Change 441069 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jayprakash12345; owner: Jayprakash12345):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Enable Special:Import option in ta.wiktionary

Change 441069 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Add import sources to ta.wiktionary

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-06-25T18:25:24Z] <thcipriani@deploy1001> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: SWAT: [[gerrit:441069|Add import sources to ta.wiktionary]] T196445 (duration: 00m 58s)

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