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$wgUploadMaintenance is ignored during file uploads
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When $wgUploadMaintenance is set to true, it should prevent any modifications from the upload repository: uploads (and reuploads), deletions, file renames.

Upon deletion it correctly displays an error stating the repo is in maintenance mode. However, the upload form doesn't give any warning, and uploading a file actually succeeds.$wgUploadMaintenance

Reproduced on MediaWiki 1.30

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Okay, I read from the documentation that this setting is "To disable file delete/restore temporarily. " This makes the variable useless.

I don't see a point in allowing uploads while denying deletes/restores, specially since the later usually requires more specific permissions.

From r56215: Note that $wgEnableUploads really should be disabled too or it'll be a bit silly. ;)

I'd expect a centralized way to set uploads to readonly

FileBackend seems to have a ReadOnlyReason[1], but I'm not able to see how to set up easily


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