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Bug? Page_Forms Incompatible with Moderation?
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Extension:Moderation specifies that

"The user can see his/her edit and continue editing his/her own version of the page."

This behavior seems broken in Page_Forms:

  1. Install both Page_Forms and Moderation extensions
  2. Create a page, and put the page into a category.
  3. Create a form, and assign it to the same category with the parser function #default_form.
  4. Log in as non-admin user.
  5. Perform an edit in the new page. The edit is visible in the Source-editor.
  6. Open the same page in the the user-form, by click the "Edit with form" tab.
  7. the new edit isn't visible.

MW 1.30

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For the future, please note that the correct place to report errors in Moderation is either or
Phabricator doesn't notify me when a new task about Moderation is created. I found this bugreport by pure accident.

edwardspec added a comment.EditedJun 24 2018, 2:30 PM

Not reproduced. It works correctly with latest version of PageForms (for MediaWiki 1.30) and Moderation.

My guess is, you are not using the latest version of Extension:PageForms. Compatibility with Moderation was added to PageForms on 2 April 2018 -

edwardspec closed this task as Resolved.Jun 24 2018, 3:56 PM

Okey-dokey, thx.

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@Vvjjkkii what is the meaning of these nonsense edits and tags?

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