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{{anchorencode:…}} does not produce the same as anchors
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Author: rene.kijewski

{{achnorencode:…}} is somewhat broken. With normal section achnors, the wikisyntax is stripped off. So ==[[abc]]== renders "#abc". But {{achnorencode:[[abc]]}} renders "#.5B.5Bfoo.5D.5D", what does not work properly.

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Well this basically comes down to wether we want MediaWiki anchors, or URI anchors. Didn't we recently add a mode to {{urlencode}} that allows you to choose between encoding modes ? Perhaps that is wanted here as well.

conrad.irwin wrote:

This is mainly fixed by r68342. Problems that still remain include tag extensions (but that's bug 22555), and any inconsistencies between Parser::guessSectionNameFromWikiText and Parser::formatHeadings. The specific case outlined in the bug summary has now been fixed, so I'm marking it as closed - feel free to open further bugs if you stumble across inconsistencies.