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Bug? MediaWiki Editor Fails to Include Leading Colon when Linking to Category
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Help:Categories#Linking to a category shows the need for a leading colon when linking to a category-page:

[[:Category:Rebuttal Deep-Dives|here]]

However, in MW 1.31, i'm creating the link using the WikiEditor toolbar-- the syntax should be correct, but it's not. Therefor, this appears to be a bug with the WikiEditor toolbar. It fails to include the leading colon when linking to a category.

I test with verbose error-reporting, and didn't see any errors.

Reported 3 years ago, still broken.
Feel free to mark as "duplicate".

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Do not intentionally file duplicates as that is a waste of everybody's time. Thanks.

Sorry, you're right. I posted this before I saw the original report.

Ah, alright, I'm sorry - did not see that this was added in a task description edit.

Feel free to use "Edit Related Tasks... > Close As Duplicate" in such cases.