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Introduce "unpatrol" feature
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Sometimes, a user marks something as patrolled, but realized that they made a mistake. However, there is currently no way to mark a patrolled revision as "unpatrolled" in the MediaWiki core. The closest alternative is to mark the page as unreviewed with the page curation toolbar, but this only removes the checkmark from the new pages feed and the page still appears patrolled in recent changes and Special:NewPages. The following is thus being proposed here.

Add a feature to the MediaWiki core that allows a user to mark a patrolled revision as "unpatrolled". This means that the rc_patrolled field will change from one back to zero. Such actions will be logged in the logging table with unpatrol for the log_action, and will say "marked revision (ID#) of page Foo unpatrolled". A user with patrol rights will be able to not only "unpatrol" their own patrolled revisions, but also revisions patrolled by other users as well. We would then need to re-introduce filtering for the patrol log. The filtering was removed due to T194213, where the autopatrol subtype is no longer listed per T184485. The PageTriage extension would then need to be updated to synchronize the "patrolled" status in recent changes with the "reviewed" status in Special:NewPagesFeed when a user marks a page as "unpatrolled" or "unreviewed".

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As this is proposed right now it isn't a technical proposal and doesn't need a TechCom RFC. It is more of a feature request. To get this done you would need product approval and community buy-in rather than TechCom to approve it.

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