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new message when edit the local page of shared file
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It is helpful, when have own messages (for exist and new page) that is shown when edit the local imagepage of a shared file.

This message can have relevant informationen to the user, that he can better do the edit at the right imagepage. The problem is, that not all user see at the normal imagepage, that is a shared file, and then add they descreption to the local page what better can add to the original imagepage.


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Created attachment 9516
Show a hint to shared repo on edit page

I have attached a patch.

Feel free to modfiy the patch, I am not sure whether the english textes are good or grammatical correct.

You can also drop the different messages for edit and create, because with #ifexist of ParserFunctions it is possible to do it, too.


attachment bug18062.patch ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 9524
Show a hint to shared repo on edit page 2

I have change the patch, because the descriptionUrl can be false and in that case, the hint should not be shown, because we does not know the right place.