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easyTimeLine doesn't handle URLs with UTF-8 characters which are not in the ASCII subset of UTF-8
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Author: xmlizer

when a link contains UTF-8 characters, like [[étrusque]] in a timeline, it links to instead of for example in the french wiki

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Severity: major



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leercontainer-bugzilla wrote:

This is known by the author. See supplied URL.

again wrote:

Although this bug is know by the author, I will list some things I stumbled across:


In the timeline, every link has to be fixed like this:

from: 1607 till: 2005 color:PA text:"[[Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen|Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen]]"

-->ät_Gießen (correct, but should work without workaround)

It is strange that the following doesn't work:

from: 1573 till: 2005 color:PA text:"[[Universität Ölmütz|Palacky-Universität Ölmütz]]"

-->ät_26%Ouml;lmütz (the Ö seems not to be recognized)

This wouldn't work, either:

from: 1573 till: 2005 color:PA text:"[[Olomouc#Universität|Palacky-Universität Olmütz]]"  

-->ät (%23 should be #)

See also Bug 3965 (EasyTimeline does not handle unicode characters above 7e
properly), which isn't quite a dupe of this. I think.

Incorporated fix for this into bug 3965 patch. Fixed in CVS.