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Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #13
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Information regarding upcoming meeting

NOTE: For last meeting and minutes, see here:

Last meeting of the year 2018

When: 21st December
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm UTC
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper, @Flixtey, @samuelguebo

Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Logs

12019-01-25 16:10:52 ** r054l13 joined channel
22019-01-25 16:10:58 <r054l13> Hello
32019-01-25 16:12:14 <r054l13> Sorry am late for the meeting
42019-01-25 16:12:23 <r054l13> Is anyone arround?
52019-01-25 16:12:42 <r054l13> africanhope: hey!
62019-01-25 16:12:48 <r054l13> Eugene233: hey
72019-01-25 16:12:57 <r054l13> xSavitar: hey!
82019-01-25 16:13:01 <africanhope> hey r054l13
92019-01-25 16:13:38 <r054l13> africanhope: glaf you are arround :)
102019-01-25 16:13:58 <r054l13> Let me ping a few people to join
112019-01-25 16:14:01 <r054l13> Glad*
122019-01-25 16:18:33 <wikibugs> (CR) Isarra: "Hi, was there a ticket for this change? The linked one here mentions mustache as a suggestion as part of a very broad set of changes, but " [skins/Vector] - ( (owner: Krinkle)
132019-01-25 16:19:15 <r054l13> africanhope: how is new year?
142019-01-25 16:23:11 <r054l13>
152019-01-25 16:23:34 <r054l13> The link to the meeting agenda👆
162019-01-25 16:24:11 <Eugene233> 👋
172019-01-25 16:25:02 <r054l13> Hi Eugene233 welcome
182019-01-25 16:25:29 <Eugene233> @r054l13: Thanks. Hello everyone
192019-01-25 16:26:23 <r054l13> I think we can start the meeting
202019-01-25 16:30:16 <r054l13> So from the agenda the first point should be new year wishes
212019-01-25 16:30:33 <r054l13> So happy new year y'all
222019-01-25 16:31:35 ** tybanash joined channel
232019-01-25 16:31:51 <tybanash> Hello
242019-01-25 16:32:23 <r054l13> Hello @tybanash
252019-01-25 16:32:36 <r054l13> The agenda
262019-01-25 16:33:12 <r054l13> The next point should be a review of awmd activities for 2018
272019-01-25 16:33:19 <xSavitar> The first point on the agenda is
282019-01-25 16:33:25 <xSavitar> Not the new year wishes part!
292019-01-25 16:33:27 <r054l13> During*
302019-01-25 16:33:56 <xSavitar> The last meeting of last year never happened and I can still see some points on it that were not discussed!
312019-01-25 16:33:58 <r054l13> xSavitar: yeah i noticed that. We will get to it last please
322019-01-25 16:34:59 <r054l13> xSavitar: ok ok
332019-01-25 16:36:34 <wikibugs> Africa-Wikimedia-Developers: Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #14 - (D3r1ck01)
342019-01-25 16:36:37 <r054l13> xSavitar: could you please discuse this point? RfC fixing issues on AWMD work board, case study
352019-01-25 16:37:35 <xSavitar> The point is almost discussing itself
362019-01-25 16:38:03 <r054l13> Ok just make it a little clearer please
372019-01-25 16:38:04 <xSavitar> But the idea is for every African volunteer to make patches into the tool
382019-01-25 16:38:14 <xSavitar> So we can track contributions
392019-01-25 16:38:17 <xSavitar> Here is the task:
402019-01-25 16:38:47 <xSavitar> No one is commenting on the ticket so I guess everyone is okay with it. I'm seeing patches coming in recently so (like I said, it seems it's taking it's shape)
412019-01-25 16:39:00 <xSavitar> And we should encourage others to make patches so we can track contributions
422019-01-25 16:39:03 <r054l13> Ok great
432019-01-25 16:39:11 <xSavitar> If someone has something to say about it, then now will be the time!
442019-01-25 16:40:16 <r054l13> From the silence se can conclude its ok for all
452019-01-25 16:40:29 <r054l13> We*
462019-01-25 16:41:30 <r054l13> xSavitar: that said, we can move on with the points on the agenda for this year right?
472019-01-25 16:41:39 <xSavitar> +1
482019-01-25 16:41:47 <r054l13> Thanks
492019-01-25 16:42:33 <r054l13> A review of the work done in 2018
502019-01-25 16:43:25 <xSavitar> 1. Low contribution rate from Nigeria though it started increasing towards the end of 2018 (good sign and improvement)
512019-01-25 16:43:44 <r054l13> +1
522019-01-25 16:44:09 <xSavitar> 2. Personally, I'm very impressed with the work Samuel did in CIV. Thank you, we got some great contributions from that part of Africa last year.
532019-01-25 16:44:27 <xSavitar> Especially the work he did in putting up the AWMD stats tool together and the GCI mentoring
542019-01-25 16:44:27 <r054l13> +1
552019-01-25 16:44:40 <r054l13> Yeah that was great
562019-01-25 16:45:04 <xSavitar> 3. Zero contributions from Ghana so far, I mean no contributions from there, we need to figure out why and fix it. Especially knowing that 2 AWMD events have taken place there.
572019-01-25 16:45:26 <r054l13> 4. We also got 2 outreachy interns from africa last year
582019-01-25 16:45:36 <xSavitar> 4. Cameroon has done some good work in the last year. Including GCI mentors and also Outreachy students coming from that part of the continent
592019-01-25 16:45:40 <xSavitar> Oh year, was just typing that
602019-01-25 16:46:21 <xSavitar> 5. I personally don't get moved by numbers because it's a bad metric (to me) but I'm moved by quantity of work done by the number
612019-01-25 16:46:52 <r054l13> 4.We had AWMD event holding in 3 countries last year. Its a good number
622019-01-25 16:47:05 <r054l13> 6.*
632019-01-25 16:47:41 <xSavitar> I'll say AWMD is a pretty new project and it's striving to survive based on everything put together. We just need to continue pushing and my general advice will be to focus on the work and knowledge being passed
642019-01-25 16:48:08 <r054l13> Yeah. Thank you
652019-01-25 16:48:30 <r054l13> The list is not yet over😊
662019-01-25 16:49:00 <xSavitar> There is no simple way to raise developers
672019-01-25 16:49:05 <xSavitar> And there is no short time to do it too
682019-01-25 16:49:17 <xSavitar> there is only the hard way and the long way, IMHO
692019-01-25 16:49:28 <r054l13> Eugene233 got an oportunity with the form wizard extension and has been doing some work
702019-01-25 16:49:48 <xSavitar> Yes, I forgot to mention that! Congrats with that Eugene233!
712019-01-25 16:49:56 <r054l13> That as well was last year :)
722019-01-25 16:50:17 <xSavitar> Keep it up from that direction and keep doing your work on Wikispeech (the advice). It's a fine project and needs your support!
732019-01-25 16:50:39 <xSavitar> Generally, we've had an increase in the number of active developers I think
742019-01-25 16:50:46 <r054l13> Yes
752019-01-25 16:50:48 <xSavitar> And it's a good thing! I'm done!
762019-01-25 16:50:55 <r054l13> Thanks
772019-01-25 16:51:13 <Eugene233> @xSavitar: Thanks
782019-01-25 16:51:20 <r054l13> That said last year was great and this year could be better
792019-01-25 16:52:16 <r054l13> If the is anything i missed or xSavitar did not mention, please anyone can
802019-01-25 16:52:57 <r054l13> Otherwise we move to the next point on thz agenda
812019-01-25 16:55:03 <r054l13> The next point is comments about AWMD 2018
822019-01-25 16:55:42 <r054l13> Any coments? Remarks
832019-01-25 16:55:59 <xSavitar> I would suggest an increase in collaboration and increase in the ability to read
842019-01-25 16:56:32 <xSavitar> From my experience, it's not like most people don't know certain things or can't but it's because people rush over things and don't pay attention to details
852019-01-25 16:56:54 <xSavitar> We should kill that spirit this year. It's better to take a long time and do something concrete than rush over something and make a mess
862019-01-25 16:57:12 <r054l13> Could you give an example of collaboration please
872019-01-25 16:57:16 <xSavitar> For example, technical documentations are written by very experienced people (though I'm not saying they can't make mistakes)
882019-01-25 16:57:37 <xSavitar> But the reason some will read that doc (in most cases) and something doesn't work is because he/she rushed over it
892019-01-25 16:57:41 <xSavitar> It has happened to me many times
902019-01-25 16:58:03 <xSavitar> As for collaboration, the reason why we've had relatively low patch count in the last year is because people have questions and they don't ask
912019-01-25 16:58:28 <xSavitar> Well I may be assuming but I think frequent asking of questions will spark a great energy of collaboration and peer working
922019-01-25 16:58:43 <r054l13> +1
932019-01-25 16:58:53 <xSavitar> In addition, one should not be afraid to go wrong, in fact do wrong many times but truth is after sometimes, you'll get it right
942019-01-25 16:59:13 <xSavitar> Personally, I've made very crappy patches but after about PS28 - PS35, I get it right
952019-01-25 16:59:37 <xSavitar> and I kept going I was asking questions from others that are better than me and got feedback bit by bit until I made it right
962019-01-25 16:59:53 <xSavitar> It's a process one can not escape in such a large community
972019-01-25 17:00:18 <xSavitar> A code base like MediaWiki shouldn't take someone 2 days to understand I mean its development started way back over a decade ago
982019-01-25 17:00:39 <xSavitar> So one will need about 5 years to really understand it fully but I'm not saying that, I'm saying understand bit by bit at a time
992019-01-25 17:00:52 <xSavitar> And the only way to do that is by reading the code base every single day like a science book
1002019-01-25 17:01:10 <xSavitar> Sooner or later, one will get to understand how the objects and talking to each other and then contributions will be easy
1012019-01-25 17:01:48 <xSavitar> Which ties with the points I raised earlier, let's develop the reading attitude, it will help a lot and solve most of the challenges we faced in 2018
1022019-01-25 17:02:10 <xSavitar> Personally, I read MediaWiki everyday with the hopes to understand 10% of the core in 2 years
1032019-01-25 17:02:20 <r054l13> Thanks xSavitar . this advices are key
1042019-01-25 17:02:36 <xSavitar> Then PHPUunit tests in several extensions and even attempt in writing extensions of my own whether for global use or personal use
1052019-01-25 17:02:54 <xSavitar> PRACTICE PRACTICE and PRACTICE again
1062019-01-25 17:02:59 <xSavitar> P = Program
1072019-01-25 17:03:04 <xSavitar> R = Read
1082019-01-25 17:03:09 <xSavitar> A = be Active
1092019-01-25 17:03:16 <xSavitar> C = Collaborate
1102019-01-25 17:03:23 ** quiddity has quit: Quit: traveling, ttfn
1112019-01-25 17:03:28 <xSavitar> T = keep Trying
1122019-01-25 17:03:42 <xSavitar> I = Improvise (when need be)
1132019-01-25 17:03:49 <xSavitar> C = Create (if you can)
1142019-01-25 17:04:09 <xSavitar> E = Evangelise (your knowledge to get more people)
1152019-01-25 17:04:23 <xSavitar> I just made that up (right now), so I'm done!
1162019-01-25 17:04:54 <r054l13> 👏👏👏
1172019-01-25 17:05:29 <xSavitar> We missed an achievement (last year too)
1182019-01-25 17:05:35 <r054l13> Can i use it in a document? I will mention u as the author xSavitar
1192019-01-25 17:05:52 <xSavitar> Another Volunteer by the name Derick was granted merge rights to mediawiki/*
1202019-01-25 17:06:06 <xSavitar>
1212019-01-25 17:06:09 <xSavitar> That is the ticket
1222019-01-25 17:06:16 <r054l13> Congrates xSavitar
1232019-01-25 17:06:26 <xSavitar> He was nominated by Brian Wolff and a lot of people gave their support
1242019-01-25 17:06:53 <xSavitar> So feel free to tag me as a reviewer to your patches if you want, I'll try my best to give you a helping hand.
1252019-01-25 17:07:06 <r054l13> Ok thank you
1262019-01-25 17:07:41 <r054l13> I wish to know if i could use your PRACTICE acronyme and mention u as author
1272019-01-25 17:07:57 <xSavitar> No, use it and just say there "--Unknown"
1282019-01-25 17:08:20 <xSavitar> I'm not sure how accurate that is but it works! Feel free to use it but don't quote me.
1292019-01-25 17:08:29 <r054l13> Alright if you prefer
1302019-01-25 17:08:53 <r054l13> With that we can move to next agenda point
1312019-01-25 17:09:11 <r054l13> Sugestions for 2019
1322019-01-25 17:09:17 <xSavitar> If no one has something to comment on
1332019-01-25 17:09:22 <xSavitar> I mean there are people in this meeting right?
1342019-01-25 17:09:31 <r054l13> Yes
1352019-01-25 17:09:44 <xSavitar> But if everyone is okay, we can move on!
1362019-01-25 17:10:00 <r054l13> Sugestions for 2019
1372019-01-25 17:10:30 <xSavitar> PRACTICE and beyond! That's all I can say!
1382019-01-25 17:10:35 <r054l13> I think xSavitar has said it all
1392019-01-25 17:10:58 <xSavitar> And above all, do it with good intentions and in good faith. It will work
1402019-01-25 17:11:04 <xSavitar> Otherwise, trust me, it will fail
1412019-01-25 17:11:22 <r054l13> So any other point ? If someone has a point to raise its open floor now
1422019-01-25 17:11:43 <r054l13> tybanash: anything to say?
1432019-01-25 17:11:56 <r054l13> africanhope: ??
1442019-01-25 17:12:08 <xSavitar> $result = $practice->withGoodIntentions() ? pass : fail;
1452019-01-25 17:12:24 <xSavitar> We all know what $results will be depending on the case
1462019-01-25 17:12:59 <r054l13> 🙂
1472019-01-25 17:13:39 <xSavitar> I'll also like to add that I can assist for the meetings (monthly) but not a primary host
1482019-01-25 17:14:05 <xSavitar> In addition, I'll be dropping off the AWMD Leader board stats for someone else to volunteer in updating that ticket monthly
1492019-01-25 17:14:11 <r054l13> xSavitar: thank you
1502019-01-25 17:14:31 <r054l13> And who is that someone else
1512019-01-25 17:14:34 <xSavitar> My focus for this year will be helping on IRC mainly grow developer efficiency and technical know-how
1522019-01-25 17:14:46 <xSavitar> Anyone that is willing to volunteer, you can pass the announcement to the mailing list
1532019-01-25 17:14:54 <r054l13> In my opinion there should be someone before you drop please
1542019-01-25 17:15:12 <r054l13> Ok i will
1552019-01-25 17:15:24 <xSavitar> We need people to engage the project and contribute directly
1562019-01-25 17:15:34 <xSavitar> So we have a lot of users on phabricator
1572019-01-25 17:15:52 <r054l13> Yeah, just saying u should get someone before
1582019-01-25 17:15:55 <xSavitar> so we can share the news on the mailing list and anyone who wants to track it, I mean Samual and I have made it very easy
1592019-01-25 17:16:07 <xSavitar> There is a tool to track the contributions, it's no longer manual as before
1602019-01-25 17:16:16 <r054l13> Ok ok
1612019-01-25 17:16:19 <xSavitar> I've been talking with Samuel to automate the process
1622019-01-25 17:16:38 <xSavitar> So we can just every month end, click 1 button and the tool publishes the tool to Phabricator at once to the respective ticket
1632019-01-25 17:16:50 <xSavitar> That is another feature we want to add into the AWMD stats tool
1642019-01-25 17:16:58 <xSavitar> But it's a lot of work too but the hands are few
1652019-01-25 17:17:23 <xSavitar> "publishes the statistics"
1662019-01-25 17:18:03 <xSavitar> Rather than do the edits manually, there will be a button on the tool that maybe only appears only on the 30th of the month or the last day of the month
1672019-01-25 17:18:15 <xSavitar> And someone needs to click it (once) and then the button will disappear
1682019-01-25 17:18:29 <xSavitar> And that will trigger the tool to publish the statistics for that month
1692019-01-25 17:18:56 <xSavitar> The reason it has to be that way is the button should not be clicked randomly by vandalisers or people who don't know what it's supposed to do
1702019-01-25 17:19:00 <xSavitar> The a potential task can be;
1712019-01-25 17:19:44 <xSavitar> Make the AWMD stats tool to have a button appear on the last day of the month (in a particular time) and once clicked, it disappears and after that publishes the stats for that month on the Leader board task on phabricator
1722019-01-25 17:19:57 <xSavitar> Someone wants to work on that feature?
1732019-01-25 17:20:47 <r054l13> We could create a task for that
1742019-01-25 17:21:00 <r054l13> And someone works on it
1752019-01-25 17:21:55 <r054l13> Thank you xSavitar
1762019-01-25 17:22:11 <xSavitar> Or we can even make it nicer, rather that the above approach, which has some short comings, we can make it so
1772019-01-25 17:22:45 <xSavitar> At the end of every month, the tool sends (admins of the tool - whoever those are) an email with a unique link telling them that the stats for that month is ready to publish and ask them to do it
1782019-01-25 17:23:07 <xSavitar> And from the email, just click on a button with the link embedded to it (or a link) and the tool does the publishing
1792019-01-25 17:23:56 <xSavitar> Reason: So the prev approach, if one forgets to click the button at the end of the month on the tool, what happens if the set time passes, the button disappears or we have weird behaviors
1802019-01-25 17:24:06 <r054l13> Yeah that's better
1812019-01-25 17:24:19 <xSavitar> So I would go for the email one so that if we don't publish it, we still have the link that can be pressed anytime for the publishing to be done.
1822019-01-25 17:24:22 <xSavitar> I'm done!
1832019-01-25 17:24:53 <xSavitar> I'm not planning to work on this feature anytime soon but anyone that wants to have fun can pick it up, I'll gladly review their code
1842019-01-25 17:25:40 <r054l13> Alright, thats great
1852019-01-25 17:25:58 <r054l13> We have 5 minutes left for the meeting
1862019-01-25 17:27:05 <xSavitar> I'm going out now but did the following:
1872019-01-25 17:27:13 <xSavitar> 1. copy pasted part of the logs here:
1882019-01-25 17:27:28 <r054l13> i noticed that
1892019-01-25 17:27:30 <r054l13> Thank you
1902019-01-25 17:27:32 <xSavitar> 2. After the meeting ends, you can get the remaining part of the logs here:
1912019-01-25 17:27:36 <xSavitar> And update the paste.
1922019-01-25 17:27:40 <xSavitar> Good night everyone! Bye!
1932019-01-25 17:27:54 <r054l13> Ok bye
1942019-01-25 17:29:01 <r054l13> I will then make a small sumary of this meeting and send an email on the list. The meeting was reach in sugestions advices and reviews.
1952019-01-25 17:29:10 <r054l13> Rich*
1962019-01-25 17:30:03 <r054l13> Thank you all for being part of the meeting and keep harking on mediawiki

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Should this be postponed (as it didn't take place) or should we mark it as resolved?

postponing will be better I think.

Yeah, this week should be just fine.

Removed myself as I won't be part of the meeting!

Resolving this as it didn't take place. Agenda can be transferred to another ticket for discussion. Thanks!