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[[MediaWiki:Ipboptions/mni]] translation issue
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Why this translation becomes outdated?


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In our languages such as

  • 1 Day = ꯅꯨꯃꯤꯠ ꯱ or ꯅꯣꯡꯃ (NUMIT AMA)
  • 2 Days = ꯅꯨꯃꯤꯠ ꯲ ꯅꯤ (meaning two days)
  • 3 Months = ꯊꯥ ꯳

But in our language for plural we add (Sing or Mayam
Sing added as suffix to word to made plural and Mayam can stand as a word) .
In this translation if we add (sing or Mayam) it becomes meaningless.

I want to know how to translate.

Why this translation becomes outdated?

What makes you think that this translation becomes outdated?
I'm afraid I don't understand the problem. Please see and follow - thanks!

I think the user [[ | manually added the !!FUZZY!! word ]] hence the system detects that a translation needs to be updated. Just remove the !!FUZZY!! tag and make sure the translation is okay and according to the source. Please let us know if that solved the problem. Regards.

@Awangba_Mangang please can you not insert the "꯫" after your this translation? As per its documentation, it should be formatted as "translation:english", and no other separator and/or full stop than origins are allowed.

I'm closing this as invalid as I do not see a problem in the software itself, so far.
Feel free to ask general support questions on the Support Desk of

(If some English strings cannot be correctly translated this should of course be reported here in Wikimedia Phabricator, by following and by structuring your bug report.)