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Missing credits/license under blog post thumbnail image on user profile page
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Description least on my user profile page:

Screenshot from 2018-08-18 09-35-46.png (315×961 px, 88 KB)

Screenshot from 2018-08-18 09-35-30.png (768×961 px, 442 KB)

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T201183 seems to be the same issue. Maybe you'd like to check all pages.

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Good eye. :) After the final blog import, there were some images where the credits remain on the blog post - but have not yet been entered into the new CMS (which collects and displays attribution information differently than the old blog) - which is why they appear in the blog post but not on your profile (yet). We are working to finish filling those out, and they will already display for blog posts entered directly into the new site.

Also, the white logo is invisible on the credits. Darken the thumbnail a bit/darken the background a bit/add a shadow?

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 10.53.11 PM.png (144×414 px, 11 KB)

@XYZtSpace: Please file separate tasks for separate problems. Thanks!

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