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Timeout viewing statistics of Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
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/var/www/src/Xtools/Repository.php: 387 - error-query-timeout


As per title, trying to view the statistics of Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism in XTools gives a timeout error after 600 seconds.
I haven't checked if this is a problem for all WP-space articles, and I'm not sure if these statistics are even supposed to work, but I thought it might be helpful to report this in case this is an issue.

XTools version: 3.4.5-a93d41d

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Hecseur created this task.Sep 25 2018, 12:23 PM

From an initial look at things, looks like the database queries are timing out. This is probably related to the large number of revisions that AIV has.

I'm not sure there's really anything we can do, as the timeout is enforced by the database and not XTools.

Matthewrbowker moved this task from Inbox to Other on the XTools board.Sep 25 2018, 4:20 PM

Yes a 600-second max query time is a hard enforcement that we can't remove. AIV has over a million revisions, so indeed that's why it can time out. Thanks for the report, nonetheless!

I'm confused why you saw error-query-timeout. That's the i18n key, when you should see the actual message:

Sorry, the requested information took too long to process (timeout 600 seconds). In order to save resources, the query was automatically killed.

The Page History tool should also LIMIT to the most recent 50,000 revisions. That didn't seem to help here :/

Anyway, by narrowing down the date range you should be able to get some results, e.g. -- though this still took 155 seconds to produce!

MusikAnimal closed this task as Declined.Sep 25 2018, 9:35 PM
MusikAnimal moved this task from Other to Complete on the XTools board.