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Unhandled Exception ("PhutilMissingSymbolException")
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I tried to install the sprint extension on a fresh install with latest phabricator and latest sprint extension from git hub. I kept getting errors the error in title of this task and error log helped me trace it to the file located here: sprint/src/application/SprintApplication.php

I found commenting the following lines and clearing op cache fixed it:

60         //ManiphestEditStatusCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),
61         //ManiphestEditAssignCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),
62         //ManiphestEditPoliciesCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),
63         //ManiphestEditPriorityCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),
64         //ManiphestEditProjectsCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),
65         //ManiphestBulkEditCapability::CAPABILITY => array(),