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Extension:Kartographer POI numbering is broken if there are more than ninety-nine (99, 99. 99...) markers of the same type on the same page
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The Kartographer extension autonumbers points of interest of each type sequentially; this sequence gets stuck at 99, 99, 99... and can go no further for any given marker type - even though the execution time limit (which hard-limits the number of POI's per page) is higher.

For example contains a map with more than 99 "see" listings, ending with:

  • 96 The Henry Ford Museum, 20900 Oakwood Blvd. (Detroit)
  • 97 The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.
  • 98 The Hall of Presidents, Orlando, Florida / the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • 99 Adams National Historical Park, 135 Adams St., Quincy, Massachusetts,
  • 99 Presidential Archives and Leadership Library, 4919 East University Blvd., Odessa, Texas.

without ever being able to continue to #100. This one individual article works around the bug by using "type=red" and "type=blue" markers based on partisan colours (so a format like {{listing|type=blue|content=The Lisa Marie Simpson mansion is now a museum recalling the administration of America's 46th president...}} just to avoid being the 100th "see" listing on this absurd list).

Destination articles might be able to avoid hitting the 99 listing per type per page limit by breaking Paris-sized cities into arrondissements, boroughs or districts with individual articles for each, but itinerary and travel topics are bound to hit this limit again.