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Disable local file uploads at es.wikibooks.
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Per voting and policy ( the es.wikibooks community decided to dissable local uploads of files in favor to upload them to commons as the Spanish Wikipedia did before.

In addition: the link on the toolbox "Subir archivo" [[b:es:Special:Upload]] (upload file) must link to [[commons:Special:Upload]].

Thanks for your help.




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And perhaps set an error message when someone try to use [[b:es:Special:Upload]] (without clicking on the toolbox) like this one Thanks.

I have set the local uploads to disabled and changed the navigation URL for uploads on the toolbar to point at Commons. Your second entry says you want it to point at a different page instead? I can either point it at commons, or I can point it to a specific page on the es.wikibooks project that explains whatever you like.

Unless specified, right now it follows the initial request.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this ticket.


Hello Rob Halsell. Thanks for fixing this bug. The second comment was to add to [[b:es:MediaWiki:Uploaddisabledtext]] the content of [[w:es:MediaWiki:Uploaddisabledtext]] but this can be done by an admin so, all in order. We'd like to thank you again your help and work. Best regards.

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