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For Lua modules across Wikipedias, allow display of sources from Wikidata and filtering of unreferenced statements across all Wikidata infoboxes
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Setting the name attribute on each reference to the QID (of the item being used as a reference), or to the URL and access date of the reference (if both exist), might be useful for references which are used multiple times.

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The English Wikipedia module WikidataIB has the code to filter out by default any statement that is unsourced or whose only source is "Imported from Xyz Wikipedia".

The issue of displaying sources on English Wikipedia is intractable because any (made-up) consistent citation style is acceptable, while it is forbidden to add references in any other style than the article's existing style. It consequently precludes providing references from Wikidata in a format which is guaranteed to match that of an arbitrary article. That renders the creation of acceptable programmatically-generated references impossible.