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Allow editing Wikimedia projects via Tor using our user account
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When using the Tor browser, I log in to my Wikimedia account and try to edit it. I get a warning message saying that my IP address is an Tor exit node and so I cannot edit, even if I am logged in. What is the reason for that? If the account is blocked, Tor cannot bypass the blocking.

Editing Wikimedia projects using user account should be used because it is really annoying to open another web browser to contribute.

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Bawolff added a subscriber: Bawolff.

This is more a political issue than a technical one. Phabricator is the place to discuss technical bugs not political/social problems.

Basically, you need to show that there is agreement to make this change on whatever wiki you want this change to be made on (Which to be frank, is unlikely to happen. Sorry).

So closing this bug declined. If you can get agreement on wiki, please reopen the bug.

Note: Its possible (but nontrivial) to get a special exemption for your account. See and/or for details.