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'apc' tag is not recognized by autoedits-contributions
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I made a few test edits today and it seems the edit, which has the "apc" tag (but not a summary which matches the regex: '\+correções \[\[WP:SR\|semiautomáticas')
is not recognized by the tool:
Is it possible for it to check for either the tag or the regex?

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He7d3r created this task.Nov 23 2018, 11:03 AM
MusikAnimal added a subscriber: MusikAnimal.EditedDec 4 2018, 7:54 AM

@He7d3r Are there any other examples of where you used the APC tag, but not the defined edit summary? It should do an OR operation, meaning if any holds true it considers that an APC edit. includes the diff you mentioned and another one where the tag wasn't used.

These queries are cached for 10 minutes, so if you ran the same query on XTools, then made an edit with the APC tag, and immediately went back to XTools, it wouldn't appear yet because the old query (which presumably also checked for the tag) hadn't expired. I don't know if this was in fact the problem, but I'll let you know that we're looking into adding a "Purge" link to force XTools to run fresh queries, see T209334.

MusikAnimal closed this task as Invalid.Dec 11 2018, 9:06 PM
MusikAnimal moved this task from Inbox to Complete on the XTools board.

Closing as invalid for now, assuming this was only that the results had been cached prior to you making your test edit. If you see this happen again (even after waiting 10 minutes), let us know :)