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"Mark as patrolled" should ask for confirmation like the "Thanks", "Rollback", etc. links
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If you have the patrol user right you get a "Mark as patrolled" link in various parts of the user interface (in diffs and watchlist). This is currently a confirmation-less link that will mark as patrolled a specific edit.


It's a bit too easy to accidentally click this link. It can happen particularly for users on touchscreen devices.

Possible solutions

1: Allow users to prevent/disable the patrol script?

Some users may want to simply prevent/disable that specific script and follow the normal link which shows a form to be submitted. The form already exists and it's the one accessible to users with JavaScript unavailable/disabled.

As workaround actually some users may want to create a snippet like this that should be run after the ResourceLoader module:

$( '.patrollink[data-mw="interface"] a' ).off( 'click' );

2: Ask for confirmation?

Some users may want to see a confirmation before running the action.

3: what else?


See Also:
T49658: Thanks workflow needs further thought
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Hi @valerio.bozzolan , could you please edit the task summary and summarize a specific problem to solve in this task?
Otherwise basically every task could be an "XYZ needs further thought" task and tasks become indistinguishable. Thanks in advance! :)

valerio.bozzolan renamed this task from "Mark as patrolled" needs further thought to "Mark as patrolled" should ask for confirmation like the "Thanks", "Rollback", etc. links.Dec 15 2018, 9:12 AM

No please by default, but perhaps an opt-in confirmation if people really want it. Don't slow down workflows.