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Need a bot for a Wiki Loves Africa / Glamify call for action
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So here is the situation

I created this page
This is meant to facilitate the addition of WLA images to Wikipedia articles, based on languages suggestion.

My Call to Action is based on a tool developped by Asaf, called Glamify.
This page explains fairly well what the tool does.
Tool may be found here :

For the Glamify user, this is the way it works

  1. Go to Asaf meta page dedicated to Glamify :
  1. Make a request. This is done on this page :

Format of the request is fairly simple. For example

`# en; ha; Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016; Anthere`

that is...

`# source langage code; target language code; images category; username of the person asking`

Whilst the system says it can take up to 7 requests... when I tried... it did not work. So for I... it can make only one request at a time.

  1. Within 2-3 hours, the query is run.
  1. The bot removes the query from the query page
  1. The bot creates a page with the results :

Example here :
Note that the queries are made on meta and the results are posted on meta.
The links in the result page are relative links.
For example,

`# [[commons:File:Umutomboko_ceremony.jpg|Umutomboko_ceremony.jpg]] ==> [[:w:ha:Zambiya|Zambiya]] -- already used in [[:w:en:Zambia|Zambia]]`
  1. Last, the bot publishes a message on the user talk page on meta to announce the query has run and results are available.

For my call to action,

a) the call is on Commons. I have created samples of queries on meta on Asaf Glamify tool page. When I got the results, I copy pasted them on Commons. But the first problem is that the results have those relative links that work on meta, but not on Commons. So before doing any copy and paste wiki to wiki, I have to first copy paste the results of the query in Open Office, to fix the text so that for example, I get

`# [[:File:Umutomboko_ceremony.jpg|Umutomboko_ceremony.jpg]] ==> [[:w:ha:Zambiya|Zambiya]] -- already used in [[:w:en:Zambia|Zambia]]`

Ideally, we would need results of queries to be suitable for Commons.

b) the queries have to be updated one by one, manually (say... once a week, I need to go and make requests on Asaf meta page, then move them to OpenOffice to fix links, then to add them to the commons page). Of course, it does not scale. We would need queries to be regularly automatically updated (maybe once a week for example)

c) at the moment, I only set up the system for a dozen of queries. Mostly English to French. French to English etc.
Of course, it would be best to have more options... but I am not convinced we want 250 languages ... perhaps a selection of languages would be best. Let's say 20 languages (the largest ones plus the african ones).
In 2016, I run a translation effort. Those are the languages I listed back then :
BUT, when the drive launched, I noticed some communities were super keen to participate, so they should probably be added. Those were the results :
Those are the communities most likely to participate.

d) At the moment, I copy pasted results of queries in individual pages. All those pages are in a category :
As you may see, I chose a simple yet efficient naming scheme. first code language : source language. Second code language: target language. Year is year of WLA (so, 2014 or 2015 or 2016 or 2017)

So what would be cool is to actually set up a bot that would

  1. regularly run a collection of predefined queries
  2. update the Commons sub pages of queries results (with links that work for Commons...)

What is unknown for me is whether there is a way to address adding new languages to the query set.

Note that, since Asaf made that bot in the past, of course, i contacted him to see if he could help.
You can see his answer here.

I guess there is a purely dev issue (improving Asaf bot or having to make a new one)
+ approving of the bot to run on Commons (

I contacted the African community for help, but 3 months later... still nothing has been done.

Naturally, there is no urgency in this, and it may even never get done. But still, I think it is typically a bot that would be helpful for those running contest and willing to expand image reuse across languages.

Can anyone help ?

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Hi @Anthere! I am afraid there is no central place where bots can be requested. At least there is no project in Phabricator that would be watched by a number of developers who volunteer to write new bots, so I'm not sure if a Phab task is the best place to tackle this, but I do not have a better place in mind either. :-/
Do you think this could be in scope for GLAM-Tech (see its project description)?
Or have you brought this up already on Commons somewhere around ?

HI @Aklapper
I needed at least one public place I could refer to :)
I will follow your advice for the Commons:bots. Good idea !

Adding GLAM-Tech for input though not sure this is in scope