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Allow click-play-listen while recording in Record Wizard > Studio
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"While recording, I cannot check how the recording sounds like. I can only choose to re-record after hearing the recorded sound. Otherwise even having that option is of no use." > Studio

Note : UI of each word could be to change largely.

  1. The words already have onclick interaction, to select the word for recording
  2. Include a "play" symbol left or right of the button may be needed.

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Technically it would be pretty easy to do. But two workflow-related questions came into my mind when thinking about this feature:

  1. What should we do from the "play" icon-button added next-to each word before the word is recorded?
  2. If the user listen to an audio recording without a headset while the recorder is working, this one will detect the sound and make a new unexpected record.
Yug added a comment.Dec 26 2018, 10:38 PM

The space key pauses the recorder. Then, maybe the click on play symbol can pause the recorder as well, and end of play can turn it back on.