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Redirecting incoming queries to non-existent subpages (due to Godaddy behavior on some external WikiJournal sites)
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WikiJournals maintain several domains that redirect to Wikiversity pages:


However, the registrar (godaddy) has an issue where a random 5-character string is added as a subpage (on approx 1% of attempts). Obviously on a wiki, this just goes to a non-existent subpage.

Is there any way to create an extension to redirect incoming links of a particular type to non-existent subpages of a specific page? I don't know much about the back end of mediawiki, but here's an example of someone else's PHP fix here. Any ideas or suggestions welcomed!

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I don't think writing a PHP/MW extension to do this would be the best way

It seems to make more sense to point the domains straight at Wikimedia servers in DNS (or get Wikimedia to take over hosting of DNS too)

@Thomas_Shafee Is it an option to stop using GoDaddy? It seems pretty bad to me that they are adding "random strings", maybe another registrar would be the best solution?

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We're currently looking at moving off godaddy. Eventually we hope to have the Wikimedia take over hosting of the domain name (meta:WikiJournal).

I'm not very familiar how to point straight at Wikimedia servers but will look into how feasible that would be as a quick fix for moment - thanks!

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It looks like they've managed to escape the talons of godaddy and are now using Google as their registrar.