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Selective move of edits
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Allowing selective move of some edits from one article's edit history to another article's edit history, would avoid much waste of administrator time and internet time and Wikipedia server time deleting the whole of a long edit history and later undeleting some of the edits, when needing to move some edits and leave the rest where they were.

As an admin I have often been asked to extract particular edits from one article's edit history and history-merge them into another article's edit history.

This method of splitting an edit history would not involve deleting, and thus would not be affected or endangered by pre-existing deleted edits at the same article name as the visible non-deleted edit history.

The history display of non-deleted edits already has a column of small square clickables, one per edit; this column could also be used to select edits to move.
That column of clickables should have controls for "unmark all" and "invert the selection". (Selective undeleting already has an "invert the selection" feature.)

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Hi @Anthony_Appleyard, thanks for taking the time to report this!
What is "moving an edit" exactly? Inside an article? To another article? Something else? Which underlying problem do you face which you think would be solved by "moving an edit"? Can you provide a specific example article where this would be helpful, and point out which exact edits you would move from where to where? Please add a more complete description to this report: Clear list of specific steps to reproduce the situation, as little details sometimes matter, so that nobody needs to guess which exact situation you face, describing actual results and expected results after performing the steps to reproduce.
You can edit the task description by clicking Edit Task. Thanks!

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Amitie_10g added a comment.EditedAug 12 2020, 2:25 AM

I can't believe this issue is still unresolved nor even commented, as history merging/spliting (in order to comply the License) is a pain. The English Wikipedia decided to make it easy and redirect instead of history merging, but other projects li the Spanish Wikipedia, decided to use history merging.

As I proposed in a task (closed as duplicate), I propose the following:

  • List the history of both pages at Special:MergeHistory and allow to select wich editions to merge (all by default) and allow to select one specific revision for the visible page once merged (latest in destination by default).
  • Alow to merge histories from Special:MovePage, leaving the latest revision of the destiny page as the visible page by default (add the checkbox "Merge history" in addition to "Delete destination page", and a link to Special:MergeHistory for advanced merging.