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Provide a warning about 'problematic' or prohibited charcters inside a pagelist tag, which will cause issues when attempting to display affected page numbers upon transclusion..
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(Followup to T214797 in respect of a related issue.)

The problem:
The use of paranthesised page numbers such as "(70)" or "(IX)" inside a <pagelist /> tag causes that page number and subsequent page numbers to fail to display when that page numbering is presented in a page built by transcluding those pages.

Example :,_1905_edition/Chapter_3
Index:The Return of Sherlock Holmes, edition published in 1905 by McClure, Phillips & Co., New York..djvu

When editing the Index , there is no warning given that "(" and ")" (And potentially other characters) create problems.

Requested feature: Implement an appropriate warning and indication of the problematic characters when an attempt is made to save the relevant Index: page.

A Related task would be an automated script/ search to identify existing Index pages which have parenthesized page numbers, such that they can be amended or replaced.

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Have you tried writing it into the help pages for the extension? A parenthesis shouldn't be considered a page number, and the instructions are specific about what are available page numbering styles
Why would you be adding some decorative aspect? If there was any part to be added, it would be better added to the page numbering style anyway.

If anything is required it would be in the help pages for Index: pages. Writing something into the extension for people who go outside the clear guidance seems attacking the wrong part of addressing the issue.

It wasn't in the help specifically on English Wikisource, so I updated the advice:

The page you linked on Multi-lingual Wikisource says nothing about 'banned' characters when defining custom page numbers, so I updated that as well.

You always have a means to over-complicate what should be kept simple. Anyway, none of what you are talking about belongs in proofreadpage. If you wish to discuss that at English Wikisource, then go for it. None of it belongs in phabricator.

Aklapper changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Jan 28 2019, 11:47 PM

Closing as invalid as nothing was changed in the code base.