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Request creation of globalcu VPS project
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Project Name: globalcu

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: @Legoktm, @Rxy

Purpose: For testing global CheckUser development

Brief description: Discusson on T214820: Enable CheckUser for beta cluster shows that beta cluster is not a suitable area for testing CheckUser due to privacy issues. I plan to set up a MediaWiki-Vagrant wiki farm with CentralAuth + CheckUser and fill it with test data so @Rxy can use it for testing during development.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: As soon as possible.

Event Timeline

I assume the proxy will filter out all private information, but if it doesn't (thinking about UA), we can stick the banner from in the wiki's sitenotice.

IIRC it doesn't provide backends with the remote IP, but probably does UA. You might find you are able to prevent the UA being made available to MediaWiki on your end, not sure.
This sounds okay as long as you use all the relevant banners from the TOU, and don't need to recreate a beta-cluster/prod style infrastructure (it sounds like a single vagrant VM is all so this should be fine)

If you use the web proxy layer the visitor's IP address will be stripped from the requests as seen by MediaWiki (or whatever) running on the Cloud VPS backend instance. The User-Agent header is currently passed through unchanged; that may change in the future, but we will make announcements on cloud-announce if we decide to add this additional privacy protection. A sitenotice warning sounds like a reasonable thing to do to ensure compliance with the Cloud Services TOU.

Done. @Legoktm and @Rxy are project admins; you can add additional members as needed.