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Suppress a Wikidata value in a Wikipedia article that uses a 'Wikidata by default' infobox _without overwriting it_ in the article Wikitext
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Sometimes you insert an infobox in a Wikipedia article and you want to suppress a Wikidata value without overwriting it in the article Wikitext.

In other words: A 'Wikidata by default' infobox triggers a Wikidata value, but sometimes, you just don't want to have that specific statement in your infobox in that specific article.

The current workaround is as follows (see this example):
– Insert an infobox in a Wikipedia article.
– The infobox automatically displays a value from Wikidata.
– Overwrite that value by inserting an invisible custom value such as a non-breaking speace.
– The infobox then displays a line with an empty value.

Proposed solution:
– There should be a command such as FETCH_WIKIDATA=no that can be inserted into the infobox Wikitext to suppress the Wikidata value without having to overwrite it.
– The infobox then does not display a line with not content but just behaves as if there were no value on Wikidata.

Current documentation: :d:Wikidata:Infobox_Tutorial#Wikidata by default infobox

Related thread on German Wikipedia: :de:Wikipedia:Fragen zur Wikipedia#Über Wikidata in Vorlage automatisches eingebundenes Bild unterdrücken

Thank you for your patience if this bug is already solved somehow, or if my description is difficult to understand.

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Module:WikidataIB should already do this I think? @RexxS

If you use the WikidataIB module, you have to specify |fetchwikidata=ALL in the article to enable fetching info from Wikidata. That ensures that in each article, there has to be an active effort to "opt-in" to the use of Wikidata.

There is then the opportunity at the article level to specify |suppressfields=fieldname that will completely suppress any value in the field called 'fieldname' in that article.

This is all documented at - hope that helps.

Just to make sure: I am looking for a solution that works not for the infobox template in general, but only in one specific Wikipedia article.

I am saying this because I don't understand the document that you pointed me to... Maybe you can show me how your solution works by modifying the example German Wikipedia article that I pointed to in the bug description?

I can't do that because your infobox fetches references directly from Wikidata, which isn't realistic to implement on English Wikipedia, so I haven't implemented it.

However, you can see how it works by looking at for example. It fetches values from Wikidata (but uses a locally-supplied value for the image caption). It uses the infobox .

You can see the effect of suppressing the birth date value at (second infobox).

If you think that you are likely to want to use Module:WikidataIB as a replacement on de-wiki, then I could implement returning references, but you'll need to understand the documentation. Can you tell me what you don't understand in the present documentation so that I can fix it?

Well – how can I suppress the Wikidata value for "screenshot" in the article :de:Signal (Messenger) without having to overwrite it with a non-breaking space?

You use an infobox based on a module that permits suppression of named fields.

I'm sorry since I don't know how infoboxes technically work, I can't do that. So we do have a bug here that requires fixing, right?

We have functionality that you'd like to have, but that is not implemented at present. I wouldn't call that a bug.