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filter rule seem to have maximum length
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Goto [[w:de:Spezial:Missbrauchsfilter/test]], use rule #17 with "changes by user" =
This will trigger some edits.

Now add the line

| (rcount("something",added_lines) < rcount("something",removed_lines))

somewhere in the rule. Then it will fail.
Maybe there is a maxmum length of filter rules?

(Filter rule #3 at w:de was very long (> 1000 chars). A work-around was to move a part of the rule to #17.)

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Minor bugs that nevertheless need looking into

The maximum length is 65, 536 characters. I don't think it's likely that you're hitting it, though.

The filter seems to not match, rather than throwing a syntax error.

Problem may be the max URL length.

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Rules length isn't the problem here, more likely a wrong human evaluation of the filter. Also, so old that it can't be specifically tested.