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New data-upload form to parallel image-upload form
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When adding information ('editing'), we should ask users explicitly for more
information than we do now. Just as with images, one *could* always include
appropriate source and copyright info but often *would* not, so too with text.

  • References (for source materials directly quoted or lightly paraphrased, or

other materials referred to in producing the text)
With copyright information (sometimes PD, sometimes
CC-BY, often fair use or unknown)

Perhaps an optional few-line interface for "sources and references", with
similar dropdowns (URL, Title, Author, other citation info, plus a Copyright
dropdown for sources) would do the trick. This information could be
auto-formatted and appended to a ==References== section... at which point, if
there were more than two sources, the author would know what format to use for
the rest.

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This is already implemented in the mediawiki software. Moving Product.

2 years later, I'm not sure where this is implemented. The original feature request stands.

I have no idea what a "data-upload form to parallel image-upload form" would do or look like. :)

ayg wrote:

It appears to be covered by the modifiable interface, which was added in 1.5.
Sysops can edit the system messages (e.g., [[MediaWiki:Edittools]]) to display
this info, and at least on enwiki they have. Not that much of anyone pays
attention to it, but that's something for the Homo sapiens bugtracker.

robchur wrote:

Homo sapiens bugtracker? You mean there's somewhere we can post bugs about the

ayg wrote:

Would be handy, wouldn't it?