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Large files being distributed with MediaWiki
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Gentlemen, can we get some consensus on distributing large files?
$ find -type f|fgrep -v /.svn|xargs du|sort -nr
2112 ./js2/mwEmbed/example_usage/media/sample_fish.ogg
845 ./skins/common/images/mediawiki-largesquare.xcf
661 ./skins/common/images/mediawiki-large.xcf
548 ./js2/mwEmbed/example_usage/media/sample_jellyfish.ogg

E.g., aren't the .xcf's something that Gimp aficionados could download
on their own? And then there's the blockbuster .ogg's.

Can't the basic MediaWiki stay slim and trim, and any extras be separately
downloadable for those that need them, or put into an extension?

Perhaps we can say "are they needed in daily operation?"

"Would it make more sense/be more efficient if they were available separately for those who are interested?"

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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I used to be able to do (rgrep "PATTERN" "*" "~/mediawiki/") in emacs in a jiffy... now it's plowing through big files...

mdale wrote:

I think its convenient to store the xcfs near the files that are outputted from those xcfs ... perhaps those can be removed in "release" versions? and or a deployment branch? Likewise the local media files are convenient for local testing of mwEmbed components. But I can move thous to a url if the deployment branch / release versions are not satisfactory.

Maybe the xcf's are there in the spirit of "when we say full source
code, we mean it". Yes, we get the idea, but OK, but please put them
somewhere else.

Also SVN==release, at least for me. And if you pull things out upon
making tarballs, things will tend to break. They should either all the
way in or all the way _out_.

Release issue -- Tim can you see if we've got a better place to stick these?

We've been trimming the .xcf logos from release tarballs, but it'd be nice if a straight SVN checkout is clean too.

mdale wrote:

Removed all the sample video files in favor of remote urls r53838

Repening: .XCFs still remain and now are the worst offenders:

$ find -type f|fgrep -v /.svn|xargs du|sort -nr|head -n 2
845 ./skins/common/images/mediawiki-largesquare.xcf
661 ./skins/common/images/mediawiki-large.xcf

$ find * -name \*.xcf