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[[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-50756f-Request renewal/ja]] translation context
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The term "renewal" is used multiple times in this help page, and it seems to me multiple context either for applicants/reviewers. To whom is this particular phrase shown to? Which is it in line with from the following ? Would appreciate very much if you please clarify each of them if they don't have /qqq file filled.
*Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-8e7eaa-Access grants up for renewal/ja, or

*Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-372e9a-=7Busername=7D applied for renewal/ja

URL: renewal/ja

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In each case, 'renewal' refers to a request that an account that has expired (ended) continue to be available for more time. I don't believe the _meaning_ of the word changes between these messages:

  • Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-50756f-Request renewal (Request renewal) is user-facing and means "Request that your account access continues"
  • Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-578e19-Renewal (Renewal) refer to the state of a specific application - whether a particular application is a request that an account continue to be available.
  • "Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-8e7eaa-Access grants up for renewal" (Access grants up for renewal) is the page title when coordinators list out the applications which are renewal requests
  • Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-372e9a-=7Busername=7D applied for renewal ({username} applied for renewal of their <a href="{url}">{partner}</a> access) is shown on the Activity feed when a user has applied to renew an account (i.e. made an application which is a renewal).

Does that help?

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