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Long prefixes and short prefixes link to different language projects in non-english projects
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Long prefixes and short prefixes link to same language projects in english projects, for example in enwiki:

[[wikisource:example]] and [[s:example]] link to english wikisource

But in non-english projects, Long prefixes and short prefixes link to different language projects, for example in zhwiki:
[[wikisource:example]] link to english wikisource, [[s:example]] link to chinese wikisource. And see test case in zhwiki:

For non-English projects, there is a lot of confusion in the use.

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Shizhao created this task.Mar 20 2019, 6:55 AM
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This problem seems to be caused by the conflict between Special:SiteMatrix and Interwiki map?

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@Shizhao Problems that are about SiteMatrix are categorized in their own project,

94rain added a subscriber: 94rain.Mar 22 2019, 2:08 AM

please also fix other prefixs (including Wikipedia: on other projects)

A test case

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This is on purpose; the long names always link to the English project. To change this would be incredibly disruptive.

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