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Provide score-tracking-category for pages using <score>
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There is no user friendly way how to find all pages using <score> extension in one project. There should be some tracking category or special page with list of these pages..

E.g. For Kartographer exist categories

  • kartographer-tracking-category
  • kartographer-broken-category

similar categories are for Graph extension

  • graph-tracking-category
  • graph-obsolete-category
  • graph-broken-category

but for Score there is only

  • score-error-category

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Ebe123 subscribed.

How about the list at Special:PagesWithProp/score?

How about the list at Special:PagesWithProp/score?

Yes, but why other properties have category and sore not|?

How about the list at Special:PagesWithProp/score?

that is SOOO useful for ordinary users... or even those who try to maintain the project : the Special page displays 50 results by page, and if you try to go to 500, and filter on namespace, you can't...

what about automatically adding a maintenance category ? this would really be useful, please, especially now, where Lilypond has been deactivated and those pages are not functioning properly :(

The maintainer declined this task.

@Hsarrazin: I don't really know other properties that use categories instead or as well. The special page is better suited as it is standardized for the use needed by the extension and avoids some pitfalls such as categories not existing or with different names. Your comment could be used to suggest that the special page be improved, which would help more than just the Score extension!