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Reconfiguration of flagged revs on en.Wikibooks
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Author: mart0258

In English Wikibooks, set $wgFlaggedRevsAutoReviewNew=false.

The current configuration as is created an undesirable result for the Foundation of Education and Instructional Assessment book ( because a user with Editor privileges created a stub, followed by inexperienced editors adding content to the page (as part of a class project). This created a massive backlog in Special:OldReviewedPages, and also make it more difficult for the new authors to review their own work (since the "stable" stub was shown instead.)

Making this config change will:

  • Prevent new pages from being auto-sighted; they need to be sited manually by clicking on the checkbox (or by reviewing the page after it is saved.)

A more permanent measure (either by adjusting the default setting of the variable or relegating it to preferences) may be more suitable.

The initial discussion about FlaggedRevs is here:
A current conencensus is here:

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Severity: enhancement



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mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Added shell keyword.

I have added the additional parameter requested, and it is now live on the cluster.