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Create updated visualization of interactions and pageviews for Q2-3 2018-19 Audiences Metrics Presentation
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Create an updated visualization of pageviews and interactions for inclusion in the Q2-3 2018-19 Audiences Metrics and Insights Presentation.


  • Show data from the past 4 years through Feb 2019
  • Use stacked bar chart

Refer to previous presentation for past visualizations and data.

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MNeisler moved this task from Triage to Doing on the Product-Analytics board.

@kzimmerman - I added a stacked bar chart showing interactions for past four years through Feb 2019 to the draft slide deck. Let me know if you have any questions or need any adjustments for the metrics presentation.

I also plotted individual line charts of seen previews since deployment and monthly total pageviews since April 2015 in case needed.

Thanks @MNeisler !

Adjustment on previews: can you update that chart through March? (After talking with Toby/Jon, it sounds like providing data through March is definitely preferred.)

I'm thinking about using the monthly pageviews line chart for past 4 years - it's easier to read than the YoY one currently. Could you also add March to that one?

Pageview charts are updated through March 2019 and added to the current slide deck.

MNeisler closed this task as Resolved.Apr 29 2019, 6:11 PM