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Add links to wiki documentation on PAWS index page
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Maybe it should link to or something like that.

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I'm slightly afraid this will lead to more confused users, but I'll change this and see if any complaints pour in.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2019-04-26T15:27:14Z] <chicocvenancio> paws-proxy-02 redirecting main page to T221886

cloud-services-team Could someone check the Icinga settings for the PAWS page? Just making sure it includes the /paws url path before closing this?

monitoring::service { 'paws_main_page':
    description    => 'PAWS Main page',
    check_command  => 'check_http_url!!/paws/hub/login',
    host           => '',
    contact_group  => 'team-paws',
    check_interval => 5,
    retry_interval => 5,
    notes_url      => '',

Thanks @bd808. This can be closed then.