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Edit count tool: "Approve" action count should not include automatic reviews; link should point to manual review log
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The unfiltered number of "Approve" actions is meaningless and inflated by edits to pages that happen to be PC-protected instead of any other kind of protection. The number can not even be used to determine involvement in "dangerous" areas of the project, as all other kinds of protection are ignored.

Automatically approving pending changes does not even require the "reviewer" flag; it only requires being autoconfirmed and happening to edit a PC-protected page.

What would be really interesting, however, is the number of manually reviewed changes, as doing so involves manual work performed using a restricted privilege. As this privilege is bundled within the sysop toolkit, this metric may be useful for RfA evaluation.

The link behind the number should point to the "manual approve" log.

If we really want to display the unfiltered count too, I'd suggest making it an additional statistic.

XTools version: 3.7.6-20eb30b

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