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Need default values for accesskey-n-mainpage-description and tooltip-n-mainpage-description
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Author: rockmfr

The sidebar uses mainpage-description now, so we need values for accesskey-n-mainpage-description and tooltip-n-mainpage-description. These should be the same as the values for accesskey-n-mainpage and tooltip-n-mainpage, respectively. The old messages probably need to be kept for compatibility.

This is a regression from bug 8617.

See [[MediaWiki talk:Accesskey-n-mainpage-description]] on enwiki for my analysis of the situation there. It's just a bit complicated...

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rockmfr wrote:



Ok I think r55515 now makes some kind of sense. :)

  • (bug 20317) Cleaned up default main page link accesskey settings

Cleanup from r46398 (bug 17184) which moved the accesskey from 'n-mainpage' onto 'p-logo' to avoid duplicating the access key on both the logo and the main page.

Putting the 'z' accesskey default on 'n-mainpage-description' now instead of p-logo; also kept 'z' for 'n-mainpage' for back-compat for people with older customized sidebars which don't specify mainpage-description.