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CreateCollaborationHub: creating pages when user language doesn't match wiki language results in breakages
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Hub tries to transclude in wiki language, but some subpages get created in user language instead (members). Not all, though (announcements use wiki language)...

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Need to perhaps rethink use of languages in general here.

  • Add an option to just select the language as part of the hub creation process (and then have it be a hidden attribute that can be changed manually if need-be?) which determines where everything appears/how the content displays? (and maybe hide it by default, since monolingual wikis maybe won't want this anyway?)
  • ...not use so much ->incontentlanguage in the first place? ToC doesn't for its headers, so why are we doing all this here?
  • Have actual fields for items like user list and announcements, so it doesn't matter what language it is, it can find it regardless (and thus also let folks remove these entirely if they want...)


Per, 'Announcements' is properly transcluded; 'Membres' is not not. Hub appears to have been created on an english-language project by a french user, hence the issue. In practice, 'Members' should probably just be treated the same as 'Announcements'.