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Flood flag for Stragetic Planning
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Author: gopher65

We'd like the Flood Flag implemented on the Strategic Planning wiki please:

$wgGroupPermissions['flood']['bot'] = true; #creates the "flood"
group with the "bot" right
$wgGroupsAddToSelf['sysop'] = array('flood'); #sysops may add the "flood"
group to themselves
$wgGroupsRemoveFromSelf['sysop'] = array('flood'); #sysops may remove the
"flood" group from themselves
$wgRemoveGroups['bureaucrat'] = array(
'flood', # only this line is new; it lets bureaucrats remove the "flood"
group from users

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Severity: normal



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gopher65 wrote:

The same thing it is used for on other wikis of course... large, but manual, category changes, etc.

See here:

:: Poke :: Any chance we could get this?

I could realy use this as I regalarly maitain a lot of pages. Examples: MediaWiki for site specific translations [ like this], or like today when I renamed all english pages to {pagename}/en for introducing Autotranslate.